Monday, December 3, 2012

31 Days of Healthier Choices with @Greatist

Feeling competitive? Wanna win a Trigger Point GRID foam roller? Then you should totally jump into  this challenge from Greatist. It started on Saturday and runs through the entire month of December—and it's all about making at least one healthy choice each and every day for 31 days straight. (Or for 29 days straight, if you're just starting out.)

All you have to do is share it  with the group on Challenge Loop. Greatist might choose you to win the foam roller when all is said and done. That is, if they don't choose me. HA! It's so on. But really, making healthy choices couldn't be any more fun. Hopefully you're already doing this on a regular basis. If you aren't, now is the perfect time to begin.


1) Because you might win a sweet foam roller.
2) Because you can find inspiration in the choices that other participants are making.
3) Because it's the holidays, so why not reinforce all things healthy?
4) Because WHY NOT?!

I missed out on recording any photographic evidence from December 1, but I did post a photo of yesterday's lunch:

Salad. Always a healthy choice. (Is anyone else obsessed with mixing berries into their salads? I can't eat one without them now.)

Curious about today's healthy choice? Well, you'll just have to join the challenge to see what it is.  Need some inspiration? Check out Greatist's new motivational site: Instamotivation. It's pretty slick. (If you follow me on Facebook, you may have already discovered this awesome place on the Internet.)

Happy Monday! (Speaking of Mondays, my little girlie is 11 months old today. WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?)

Question: What healthy choices have you made already today?

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