Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I taught my first Spinning class.

My alarm went off at 5:00AM today. In a cough-medicine state of delirium, I hauled myself out of bed and scarfed down some oatmeal (no time for pancakes) before heading out the door for a 6:00AM Spinning class. It was my first time instructing a class, and I think it went well...although, rumor has it, I wasn't loud enough. But I attribute that to the fact that my ears were damn near plugged up. I always sound louder to myself when my ears are plugged up. More on that later.

Anyway. I had four people in my class, which might seem like a small amount to some of you. To me, however, that is a personal challenge. When I first started teaching my Circuit Sculpt class at 6:00AM on Mondays and Fridays, I'd get five people in there on a good day. Now, I see at least nine. Sometimes even more. I worked hard to grow that class and I'm going to work hard to grow this one, too. That's always a challenge when you're talking about such an early morning slot. So if you're a member of my gym and you feel like waking up early, come hang with me in the Spinning room next week. I swear, we'll have fun. I mean, hello. I play the most random music ever:

Ride aside, I still felt like crap when it was over. I came home for a shower and damn near cancelled my client and my Kettlebell class but couldn't find a sub teacher, so I sucked it up and headed back to the gym. And then I headed to the doctor's office. Turns out, I have two ear infections and a mild case of bronchitis. Thus, the reason my ears were plugged up. So here I sit, with $80-worth of medication, tapping away at a keyboard that'll need to be disinfected. It's a good thing I also have this nearby:

A giant tin full of chocolate from Godiva. (Does anyone else think the chick on the lid looks like She-Ra, Princess of Power?!) I have the best clients in the world, but seriously—chocolate? I rank it up there with drugs. I am a chocolate junkie, and I fail to resist the temptation every single time.  Case and point: I had three pieces on the way home.

Just keepin' it real with you. Honesty is my policy, after all. And just so you know, here are three layers to this tin. I can't be held responsible.

Question: What is your current personal challenge?

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