Tuesday, December 4, 2012

5 Healthy Christmas Gifts under $50

How's it going with the Christmas shopping? I've been making my list and checking it twice, and I've got a few things checked off completely, but there are presents that still need to be purchased. For some, I know exactly what I need to get them, but for others...I'm stumped. Totally stumped. So I though, just in case you've got some stumpers on your list, I might share some healthy Christmas gift ideas under $50.

1) NatureBox. Because who doesn't love food?

I've been lucky enough to sample a few different boxes over the course of the past year and they've all been quite pleasing to the palate. For just $19.95/month, you can send a box to whomever. So technically, you could send two months and still be under $50. (It'd be the gift that keeps on giving!) To sweeten the deal, you can use ADDOF at checkout and save 25% on the first month you order. (Note: Every box is filled with five full-size bags of treats, all of which are different.)

2) Activewear from JCPenney. It's cheap and cute.

Have you been inside a JCP lately? So awesome. I went in there the other day and drooled all over their activewear. It's all so cute! But in the spirit of buying things for other people, I limited myself to two tops:

Yeah. I'm not even joking about those prices. I bought the one on the left off the clearance rack, but let's be real for a second: It was $20 at full price. The one on the right was just too stinkin' cute to pass up. It's that layered effect that Lulu does so well...so the purple is like a sports bra and the grey just sort of drapes over it. But anyway, my point is that you can find multiple pieces or build an entire outfit for way less than what you'd pay for a single piece at other stores.

3) Activewear from PuraVit. Delivered right to your doorstep.

You guys. I'm super excited about this one. Don't get me wrong, I love the act of driving to the store and buying new things, but the idea of getting a new fitness outfit delivered to my doorstep every month is, well...it's awesome. So for just $49.95 per month, you can send someone a top and a bottom. This would make a great gift for someone that lives afar. Or, let's be honest, it would be a great gift for yourself. And don't worry, the outfits are totally tailored to your needs thanks to a style quiz. I'm currently waiting for a box myself, and you know I'll tell you more when it arrives, but if you want to jump on this one Santa-style, click through and you'll save 20%.

4) "This Is Yoga" with Tara Stiles. Because who doesn't love a good yoga class at h-omm-e.

This series is phenomenal, and it will only run you $20 (plus shipping) on Amazon. It comes with four DVDs, and each DVD has at least two sessions on it. I'll let her tell you more:

5) Croc-Pot Lunch Croc Warmer. Because good things come in small packages.

Healthy people everywhere love packing food for lunch, trips and other adventures away from home. This little guy makes me giggle with delight because not only is it super cute, it's super functional.

Think hot oatmeal for breakfast at your desk or in the hotel when you wake up. Think soup and other delicious leftovers for lunch. While it currently sells for $19.99 on the Croc-Pot website, I've seen it cheaper  (ahem, Target). Notice it comes in pink, my personal favorite.

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Question: What healthy Christmas gift is on your list this year?

Note: While it's true that I work with both NatureBox and PuraVit as a brand ambassador, they did not pay me to include them on this list. In fact, I did not receive any compensation from any of the companies on this post (except for the free product as noted). I chose each product because, well...they're awesome and I think you'd think so, too. 

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