Friday, November 16, 2012

5 Things That Make Me Happy

I really should just call this post "6 Things That Make Me Happy" because today is Friday. And let's be honest, Friday always makes me happy. But since that's sort of a given, we'll go with just 5 things that make me happy. And just so we're clear, these aren't the only five things that make me happy.

1) Pomegranates.

Did you know that November is National Pomegranate Month? I had no clue, but oddly enough, I had two pomegranates in my fruit/produce bowl that I finally managed to cut into last night. If you don't eat pomegranates...seriously, why? They're so good and SO GOOD for you. Say it with me: Antioxidants are awesome! If you don't eat them because they're a pain in the rear to de-seed, well, I don't blame you because they are. But not really. You just have to cut them in a big bowl of cold water. You won't stain anything with the juice and the gook will separate from the seeds because the seeds sink. It's so worth it. I promise.

2) New clothes.

Especially when they're the type of clothes I can wear to the gym. I wake up in the morning, go to work/workout, then come home. Very rarely am I in anything other than gym clothes, so it's nice to add something new to the rotation. Even if it screams "trainer" across the back. Then again, that's what I am. (Also, the purple shirt has thumbholes. WIN.)

3) Gym equipment for babies and tots.

I still haven't tried a CrossFit workout, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate the equipment commonly featured in a WOD. Honestly, I use the same equipment all the time, just not in WOD format. So this stuff in the video...anything in miniature form is adorable, so workout toys for kiddos...straight to my heart. I'll have to get some WOD toys for Hannah someday.

4) BOSU Burpees.

I haven't done a good burpee in quite some time, but I recently decided to introduce them to my 6AM class. I've been toying with this idea, and we've played with burpees before, but my students are much stronger now and I think they're ready to give them a go so I'm going to progress them slowly but surely toward a full-on burpee. Today, we did a set of wide-leg squats with an overhead BOSU press. Here's how we'll progress from there:

5) Kettlebells.

You guys, I'm so stoked. We finally got a set of kettlebells at the gym and I'm slated to teach a 30-minute kettlebell workout on Tuesday mornings. I've played with kettlebells before, but it's been awhile so I need to refresh. We also got hula hoops, but that's on someone else's schedule. Seriously, the hoops are huge. I couldn't manage them.

Question: Have you ever taken a hula hoop class? What did you think? If you could add any piece of equipment or class type to your gym or home gym, what would you add?

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Kelly said...

I have taken an insane amount ( and variety) of group fitness classes in my life. One that I love - that is rare - is "urban rebounding" with individual trampolines. I haven't done one of those classes in years, but they are so much fun. Make me feel like a kid!

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