Sunday, November 11, 2012

How do you eat a persimmon?!

It's so amazingly, unseasonally warm right now in Michigan. Seriously, it's 65 degrees outside. Our windows are open, the breeze is flowing (the leaves are flying everywhere). It's been this crazy great all day. And it made for some awesome running this afternoon. I busted out six miles:

That's a pretty fast pace for me at six miles, she says as she pats herself on the back. Maybe it was the shoes:

I guess it could have been the Batman socks, too, which you cannot see in the picture. Yeah, I wear Batman socks. So what.


How do you eat a persimmon?!

They were on sale this week, and the sign said they were sweet, so I thought maybe I could give them to Hannah...but it wasn't exactly soft when I cut into it.

I thought it might be like a plum or a peach, but it was closer to an apple. Perhaps it wasn't ripe? It smelled good when I cut into it, and I read that it's okay to eat them when they're firm. And  it did taste good. But I ate it with such you ever eat new things like that?! Like, you know it tastes good, but you don't want to trust it quite yet?!

So help me. Help me like persimmons. They're filled with fiber and that's a good thing.

Question: Do you eat persimmons? Do you eat them raw? Do you have an awesome persimmon recipe that you should share with me?!


PB and Peppers said...

I had my first persimmons yesterday. My boss gave me some from off his tree. It was weird. It was firm, I peeled the skin because I wasn't sure and it tasted like a bland apple. They say that they are not ripe when they taste bitter and that if you eat an unripe one your tongue/mouth will go numb for a minute. I don't know if that's true, but I don't think I want to find out. So would I eat a persimmons, sure, but would I go out of my way to get some, no. They are an odd little fruit!

adailydoseoffit said...

So glad I'm not the only one that's slightly baffled by the persimmon. Numb tongue?! No didn't happen to me, so mine must have been edible!

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