Saturday, February 18, 2012

What I Eat

After yesterday's post, I thought it might be fun to write a food diary post—a slight glimpse at some of the things I eat from breakfast through dinner. Remember, I don't necessarily count calories so you won't find any numbers here. Rather, I take the "eat healthy, wholesome and good food whenever possible" approach. With a few cheats her and there, of course. Mostly because I'm human.

Let's start with breakfast:

If I don't feel like making oats, I typically reach for the toaster and some brown rice bread. And a cup of yogurt, usually of the Chobani sort. This particular "sort" happens to be one of their new flavors: Passion Fruit. Yummy, but the seeds freak me out (they look like bugs, see for yourself). Two to three hours later, I'm usually ready for a snack. If I've been to the gym, said snack is usually a smoothie:

Yep, I am literally slurping down the smoothie in that picture. Couldn't help myself, it was friggen' good. Like...chocolate and strawberries good. I'll get ya the recipe someday. Until then, let's look at a typical lunch:

Here we have examples of my two current food obsessions. Grapefruit and the salad bar at my local grocery store. The other day, I bought both for less than $2.00—Who said healthy eating was expensive?! Not this girl. Let's talk about the salad for a minute. Combine 1 TBSP of olive oil with 1/2 TBSP each of Balsamic vinegar and honey. It might sound weird to you, but it was good. (Oh, AND...see the muffin? Check out Fit Foodie Finds for the recipe. Yep, that was some Link Love.)

Moving on. Time for an afternoon snack:

This is where it gets tricky for me. I tend to get really,  super hungry in the afternoon. Wheat Thins, although not the healthiest, are my favorite crackers. I would have dipped them in hummus if there had been any in my 'fridge. But I'm not always home in the afternoon, so sometimes my afternoon snack is a bar of sorts. Or a smoothie if I hadn't eaten one earlier. Or sometimes I swing through the closest coffee shop for a latte. It all depends. But when it comes to dinner, I do my best to get a hot (and healthy) one on the table:

An open-faced ground sirloin burger, sauteed broccoli and onion, and a sweet potato topped with some maple cinnamon almond butter (dude, it's me). Beyond the above, I've been known to nibble on a little something before bed. Lately, it's been a bite or two of a homemade granola bar. Or maybe half of a Chobani if I hadn't already eaten some that day. Doing so really helps me get through Hannah's nighttime feedings.

And so, folks. There you have it.
That's what I eat. Not bad...not the best at times, but generally pretty good.

Have a Saturday!

Question: What do you grab when you need a bedtime snack?

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