Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Have Great Hopes

New year, new page-a-day. Mom stuffs one in my stocking every year, and she takes great care to pick one that will remain highly relevant to my life from January through December. Last year, it was the calendar version of the Skinny Bitch books. This year, it's all about babies. Beautiful pics of sweet little babies with a corresponding quote-of-the-day. Yesterday, we finally had one worthy of an appearance on Daily Dose:

I particularly enjoy that last line, "have tremendous expectations and believe in them." Believe that you can do anything, no matter how big that anything is. All it takes is a little persistence and discipline on your part. And perhaps some know-how, but that's where your peers and certain professionals come into play.

Look at that sweet little face...don't you just want to pinch those chubby little cheeks? And that chin. My daughter has a dimple in her chin. Where it came from, we really don't know. Neither my husband nor I have one. Genes, it's funny how they work.

Switching topics now.

You may have heard by now that Chobani rolled out some new flavor-flavs. I recently sampled one:

Blood Orange, it's quite citrusy. I imagine it would be great in a smoothie with some pineapple and strawberry chunks, but I kept it simple at first taste. Just the yogurt, and it was delish. 'Course, when it comes to Chobani, I'm hardly ever disappointed.

PS: Today marks two days in a row that I've been able to sneak into the gym with Hannah. She sleeps, I walk. Two days in a row. I go in for my six-week checkup next week, and I am really...really hoping to get the you-can-exercise-like-normal prescription from the doc. I've been feeling really good, all things considered, and I'm beyond itching for some strength training. Maybe even some gentle yoga. And since Hannah will be six weeks old next week (wha?!), she'll be able to spend some time in the nursery. I think she's looking forward to making friends with all the other kiddos.

Onward to three days in a row...

Question: What would you do with Blood Orange Greek yogurt?

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