Saturday, February 25, 2012

Too smart.

I recently came across the following quote and I felt immediately that it should be posted right here (right now) for all of you to see.

Why did I want you to see it? Because:

1) I love me a good quote. Words will always and forever be on this Earth to inspire and engage.

2) We all too frequently forget that we write our own stories. Sure, there are things that stand in our way which are ultimately out of our control. But with a little brainpower, we can ultimately overcome those things. Or at least learn to work with them. That is, if we put our minds to it. And only we can control our own minds. So every once in a while, remind yourself that when the going gets tough or when there are a ton of things standing in your way—remind yourself that you are in control. There's nothing you can't handle if you put your mind, heart and soul to it.

This, of course, is true both in and out of the gym. So I hope you'll go, Smarty Pants.

Go and conquer that gym.
Don't let you or yourself get in the way.

Question: Are you working on anything in particular at the gym these days? A faster mile? More weight on the cable machine? Longer planks? Tell me. And tell me what you're doing to keep your head in the game.

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