Thursday, August 25, 2011

Does milk do your body good?

Milk is on my mind for obvious reasons right now, as I will (if Baby gets the process) be a human cow in a few months. I'm accepting of that, but that's not really the point of this post. Rather, thrice today the substance has brought itself to my attention.

Attention-Getter #1: The Oxygen Article
Are you sick of me mentioning this magazine yet? Unfortunately, I don't aim to stop. The September issue offers up an article entitled "5 Milks For Your Consideration," which I guzzled down this morning while walking on the treadmill. (Don't judge, I read when I walk on the treadmill.) And at the end of the article, a link to the website with the promise of more information. I bit, and found this file:

CLICK HERE if you'd like to download it for yourself. It really is a handy tool.

Attention-Getter #2: The Milk in My Refrigerator

We buy skim milk, much to my husband's dismay. He prefers 2% while I go for the lighter version. He's such a good man for letting me win this battle. I lose only when he hits the grocery store without me, and I'm accepting of that. The almond milk, on the other hand, is not a regular and has been in the back of my refrigerator for probably too long now. I remember opening it right before the preggo sickness hit, during which my taste for all things almond sort of went away. My interest in such things is still waning, which is why I tossed the box.

Attention-Getter #3: The Smoothie
I get hungry around 2:30PM every day. Maybe it's because I eat lunch around 11:00AM, maybe it's because I'm hard-wired to need food in the middle of the afternoon. I didn't want crackers and cheese, no hummus either. Today, since I obviously have milk on the brain, I wanted a smoothie. And since I have an overabundance of peaches and some frozen mango chunks, a Peach Mango smoothie it all became. With, of course, about a cup of milk. The skim milk. Yum:

And that's my milk story for the day! I don't drink it that often, maybe once a day, usually in cereal or a smoothie. There's something about the taste of it that I just can't swig down anymore. But I realize that it has its health benefits, so I sneak it in when I can. I'm especially happy to read, thanks to Oxygen, that it does a body good post-workout, too. And yes, the rumors about chocolate milk are true. Although I prefer to eat my chocolate from a chocolate shop.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, baby seems to be developing well at this point. Fingers crossed that this pattern continues. I'd post some ultrasound pictures, but we honestly didn't get any good ones of the stinker. Just some feet, toes, hands and arms. Maybe it's because we opted not to find out the gender. I suppose that makes the picture-taking a bit difficult.

Question: Does milk do your body good? What kind of milk do you drink, and how?

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