Monday, July 5, 2010

Easy Ways to Override Overeating

Well, there goes another holiday! Perhaps you went to at least one party this weekend where the cocktails and cookies constantly called your name. And yes, you may have answered that call a bit more than usual which probably left you feeling somewhat...ugh. Am I right? It's a vicious, vicious cycle whenever those wonderful holidays roll around. We have fun, we indulge and then we regret. But don't worry, the reality of the situation indicates that you might not have completely wrecked your waistline. For example, I read in SHAPE that you have to eat an additional 3,500 calories in one day to gain a single pound of body fat. They equate those calories to six pieces of cake and eight glasses of wine, and that amount of food is probably way more than any of us could actually handle. Though you may not have really gained an additional pound yesterday, there's still a good chance you overate.

How to override overeating? I suggest you keep the water flowing over the next few days. Not only will it refresh your body, it will help you flush out any excess sodium. And we all know that excess sodium makes you feel bloated. (Oddly enough, it's because sodium makes your body hold on to water.) I also suggest you eat. Sounds counter intuitive, as most of us want to stop eating when we've eating too much, but you need to get yourself back on your regular schedule in order to keep that metabolism active. Choose healthy foods, especially those that contain a good amount of fiber. It kick your digestive system into high gear. And last, but certainly not least, get to the gym and burn some serious calories as you ponder the wonderful memories that you made this weekend.

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