Thursday, July 1, 2010

Concentration curls sculpt great biceps.

The concentration curl is one of my favorite exercises. It targets the bicep a bit deeper than a standard curl to create a nice, toned muscle. And who doesn't love a nice, toned bicep muscle at this time of year? I try to sneak in a few sets after hammer curls. Remember that hammer curls works a slightly longer portion of the bicep, while concentration curls really cut to the gut of the muscle for the ultimate in strength gains. Together, the two moves seem to create a fairly sculpted bicep muscle. But not without proper form, which begins with the right weight. (Remember that a heavy weight and lower reps build big muscles, while a lighter weight and higher reps tighten and tone.) Hold the weight in your right hand and sit on the edge of a bench, chair or exercise ball. Spread your feet and dig your right elbow into the side of your right knee. Lift the weight, lower it slowly and repeat before switching sides. It's that easy!

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