Monday, April 19, 2010

Walk more, walk wherever.

We were taught to walk at a very young age. And at that age, being able to walk meant that we could waddle across the room to get our favorite toys. It was our first taste of independence, and we loved the proud look it put on our parents' faces. But as we grew up, being able to walk simply meant that we could get from class to class at school or from the kitchen to the bedroom at home. And that's when walking became second nature. It was no longer a milestone we had reached, it was just something our bodies did when we needed it to.

But in this day and age, more and more of us are choosing to make our bodies walk. Sometimes for fitness, other times for pleasure. But really, when it comes to walking, fitness and pleasure can go hand in hand splendidly.

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to spend some time in Chicago. And there's no better place to observe walking for both fitness and pleasure than in a bustling city. I took this photo at the very heart of Michigan Avenue (by the old water tower), but I could've snapped it anywhere in the 60611 zip code. Some strolled, others put a little effort into it. But they were all walking when they could have whistled for a cab. Without even thinking about it, they were working out. And it was a beautiful thing to observe.

My point—walk. Walk more, walk wherever. Just walk. Let those legs take you on an adventure. Scope out nature trails in your area. Park in the space furthest away from the door. But if you're close enough, leave the car at home. And if you have a question at work, go face-to-face instead of sending that email. Work out without "working out." Like milk, it really does a body good.

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