Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Need a personal trainer?

I passed my national exam in February, got the proof in March and spent most of April polishing my business plan. And last week, I took these posters to the gym in an effort to advertise my services.

And, no. I didn't forget to include my contact information. Each poster has a series of pull-tabs along the bottom that I hope will eventually disappear. If you frequent the Anytime Fitness in Saint Joseph (of which I am a member)—pull one and give me a call! Or maybe you did and that's why you're reading this.

I think Anytime Fitness is an awesome place to train. But that doesn't mean it's the only place I intend to train. If you're interested in my services and live in the Saint Joseph area, let me know where you train (or where you'd like to train) and we can come up with a plan. The beauty of being an independent, self-employed certified personal trainer is that I have the flexibility to work with a wide variety of people in an equally wide variety of settings.

Someday I'd like to open a small fitness facility of my own, but that's a dream for the very distant future. Until then, I will continue to share my knowledge you and I'll focus on building a wonderful client base. And I will also hang up more posters.

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Unknown said...

Best of luck, Tara! You're lucky your gym allows you to hang those posters. :) I don't think mine would! You can move to Orlando and open a facility with my mom!! Or, you can rent space from the place where my dad goes for PT. It's a personal training gym and the trainers just pay a monthly fee. MOVE TO FL!!! :)

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