Monday, April 5, 2010

So, Easter is over.

If you celebrate holidays like a normal human being, you probably found yourself indulging in some excellent food yesterday. And whether your Easter go-to was ham or Polish sausage (or something else entirely), you probably indulged repeatedly. Or at least once with a plate of food that qualified for the "eating more than usual" label. Plus, I'm sure there was a significant amount of sweetness within your arms' reach. (Damn that bunny and his chocolate eggs!)

But today is a new day and Easter is over. Family and food have come and gone, and hidden among those last annoying shards of basket grass is an all too familiar emotion: Eater's Remorse.

And it's a pistol, isn't it?

No matter how hard you tried to keep yourself on track, you got sucked into the appetizers or maybe you went back for another serving of the side dishes. And you probably forgot how many pieces of candy you ate, which is why you may have grabbed one more.

"The damage is done, I'll start tomorrow," you thought. And you probably did start again today, picking up where your diet stopped on Friday. And you'll probably spend the rest of today being super particular about everything you eat. That's great and you should, but stop paying the emotional toll.

Put your foot down on Eater's Remorse. Shove it deep into the trash with those last annoying shards of basket grass.

We all eat a little more than usual when the holidays roll around, but if you spend the days around those holidays leading a generally healthy lifestyle, you'll still be leading a generally healthy lifestyle post holiday. There's no need to beat yourself up about whatever you ate yesterday. One day of overeating does not erase days upon days of working out and eating clean. But if you succumb to Eater's Remorse, you run the risk of completely overshadowing the great meal you just shared with friends and family.

You came, you indulged and I'm here today to tell you that it's time to move on. Channel your inner Beatle and just "let it be, let it be."

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Unknown said...

I love this post! Can you submit it to a magazine? I know a lot of people who need to hear this message. Diets are annoying and life is too short. Just eat healthy and stay active. :)

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