Wednesday, July 12, 2017

I'm going to IDEA World and BlogFest!

In exactly one week, I will be traveling to Las Vegas to attend the 2017 IDEA World Fitness Convention. I went in 2015 and had the time of my life, so I absolutely cannot wait to return. I will also be popping into BlogFest, which is a special portion of the conference dedicated to fitness bloggers. Guys, I'm bouncing out of my seat right now because I simply cannot wait. To hold me over, I decided to put together this list of things I am looking forward to:

1) Vegas, baby!
This girl has never been to Las Vegas. I'll be in a convention hall most of the time, but my evenings will be open for exploring Sin City. Two of my clients will be in town at the same time, and they promise to show me some must-see things: Zipline on Fremont Street? Sounds fun. Bellagio fountains? Gotta see it.

2) Dinner with the Momentum Jewelry Crew
I am sharing a hotel room with Amy, Tam and Jill. I adore all of these people from afar, and can't wait to see them in person again...we met at IDEA in 2015 (see above). We'll be joining a few other Momentum Jewelry ambassadors for dinner on Wednesday night, and that sounds like the perfect way to kick off the weekend.

3) Energetic and Educational Sessions
As a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, I have to fulfill a certain amount of continuing education credits to maintain my certifications. There is absolutely no better way to do just that then at a fitness convention—at THIS fitness convention, to be specific. There are hundreds of sessions available, which makes it very hard to pick your schedule. Here are a few that I've chosen, that I am really looking forward to:

• The G2S Workout (Ground-to-standing drills.)
• Barre Choreography Overload (Because I teach two classes a week.)
• Schwinn Cycling: To Breathless and Back (Spinning inspiration is a must.)
• Run, Injury Free! Understanding Impact Forces (Because I run, and run a running store.)
• Indo-Row: The Perfect Calorie Burn (Love me some row machine.)

4) Kick it With Kaisa
You guys. Are you following @KaisaFit on Instagram? She is amazing. And I get to attend her workout at IDEA. To say that I am pumped for this is an understatement. It literally might be what I am most excited for, and I will totally fangirl for a picture with her. 

5) Brands, brands and more brands!
The expo hall at IDEA is crazy. So much to see, do and sample that your head just spins. I've been looking at the list of attendees and have a few must-hits:

• ACE Fitness (Obviously.)
• Beachbody (Why can't I get hard copies of PiYo Live formats anymore?)
• doTerra (Lemme smell all the oils, please.)
• Hedstrom Fitness (Love their Surge and Kamagon ball.)
• Keiser (I teach on Keiser bikes.)
• La Colombe Coffee Roasters (Obsessed.)
• MINDBODY Online (We might use their software, so I need info.)
• NOW (Foods? Not sure if it's them or not...)
• Prana (Love their clothes.)
• Trigger Point (We carry their products. Wanna see the new vibrating roller...)

And now it's time to pack.

Question: Are you going to IDEA World and/or BlogFest? What's something I should do in Vegas?

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