Monday, July 17, 2017

How to Stop Hating Mondays: Make them your healthy restart.

In case you haven't noticed, today is Monday. If it's your favorite day of the week, kudos to you. But for most of us, Mondays stink so bad. We love to hate them because fresh off the weekend, we loathe going back to work. Or going back into the weekly routine. So today, let's talk about Mondays. Because not all Mondays have to be bad. Instead of hating them, make Mondays your healthy restart days.

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1) Get everything ready for Monday morning. 
Take a little time on Sunday night to get ready for your Monday morning routine. Pick an outfit, pack your bags, have your shower towel ready to go. Basically, do everything you can to make sure your morning routine goes as smoothly as possible. Stress less at home, leave all that for the office (because you can't always control the stressful situations that come at you while you work).

2) Make sure you eat a great breakfast. 
Don't start your day on an empty tank. And don't set yourself up for #hangry. If breakfast isn't your thing, if "eating that early makes you nauseous," maybe ask yourself if you're eating the right thing. And the whole "but I'm not hungry that early" excuse...eating is not about fulfilling hunger. It's about giving your body what it needs to function. So start your Monday with a full tank so you don't reach empty from the get-go.

3) Accept your Monday for what it is. 
Monday comes every single week. You know you have to go back to work, or back to whatever routine your Monday brings. So give up the fight! Let it come. Let it happen. Accept it for what it is, and conquer it with all that you've got.

4) Schedule a Monday night workout.
Get those feel-good endorphins! Most importantly, get Monday out of your system so you can spend the rest of your evening feeling great. And, you know, workouts can be good for relieving stress. So take the day out on your weights, the treadmill or whatever it is you like to do for exercise.

5) Come up with a Monday treat. 
Maybe it's a pre-workout coffee...or maybe you add the whipped cream to that mocha. Maybe it's a certain on-the-go breakfast or a standing lunch date. Or maybe you spend five minutes looking for a new desktop image for your computer, something that will motivate you for the rest of the week. Whatever it is, do it every Monday...and only on Monday. It'll give you something positive to look forward to.

Bottom line, Mondays can suck so bad. But a quick attitude check and some changes to your routine can help you stop hating Mondays. Think of them as your healthy restart days. Here before you is a new week, so let Monday launch you into it. There will be crap to deal with. There will be snafus. But, use the day for what it is: A fresh start to a new week.

Question: How do you feel about Mondays? What do you do to make them work for (not against) you?

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