Tuesday, October 18, 2016

60-Minute Playlist for Any Workout

Music can make or break a workout. If you are listening to the wrong playlist or station, it can distract you. Bad music can deplete your motivation. My taste in music varies greatly and depends largely on what I am doing. Lately, I've been relying on Pandora to make me music happy.

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But I can't use Pandora when I am teaching my group fitness classes. I'll admit—a good playlist is hard to put together, and the availability of literally everything on Pandora is appealing. But a group fitness playlist needs to compliment the workout AND please the attendees (and be 100% appropriate for the audience). This is hard to achieve with Pandora, at least from my perspective.

I currently teach Barre Fit, TRX, HIIT, Spinning and PiYO Live. I create a new Spinning playlist every week, songs for which are chosen based on their ability to dictate RPM. PiYO Live comes with it's own music, so I'm off the hook there. But the other three formats...I have the freedom to pick songs that literally just make people move (and hopefully smile, too).

We are currently jamming to a variety of new and old(ish) songs.
You might call this party music, and I'm OK with that:

I'd say this 60-minute playlist can motivate you through a wide variety of workouts. It ends with two slower songs, which will remind you to finish your workout with a cooldown and some stretching.

So far, no complaints from any of my students. If you're looking for new music for exercising, maybe this list will help you build your perfect playlist.

Question: What song is at the top of your workout playlist? Are there any songs that always, without fail, motivate you to move?

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