Wednesday, November 11, 2015

11 Awesome HIIT Workouts

When I first started teaching group fitness classes, I took ownership of a 6:00AM class filled with awesome people. We did strength circuits and they loved it. At a certain point, one of the classes turned into a high intensity interval workout. They wanted more, and I was willing to deliver. HIIT is my favorite. It's so effective, and makes the student or client feel like a badass. (Well, at least I always feel like a badass after a sweaty HIIT session. Don't you?)

This morning, I returned to my 6:00AM HIIT class because the current instructor needed a schedule change. I didn't even hesitate. Teach good people my favorite format? Yep.

Today, since it's #wildworkoutwednesday, I thought I'd share our workout.

But first, what is high intensity interval training? Let me give you the basic answer from the American Council on Exercise: HIIT is a  "cardiorespiratory training technique that alternates brief speed and recovery intervals to increase the overall intensity of your workout." Boom. Fun stuff.

Please note: Before you try anything new at the gym, you need to check in with your physician. Especially when you're increasing the intensity. This style is not necessarily right for everyone as it does really push you to a max intensity that might not be familiar. I am an ACE-certified personal trainer, but that doesn't mean I know what's right for you. That can only be determined with one-on-one time. So, proceed at your own risk. 

Here's the workout:

Find this HIIT workout in a collection of high intensity interval workouts.
Should be pretty easy to follow. 

Working against the clock takes you out of repetition confinement, so really push to see how many repetitions you can do in (:45). Or, if you're feeling pretty taxed, slow it down and work at a pace that keeps you comfortable. Remember, high intensity interval training will push your heart rate and endurance. Train smart, friends.

Whatcha think?
If you like it, you might also enjoy these other HIIT workouts I've posted:

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As an added bonus, I polled some of my favorite people (fitness bloggers, of course) for some of their favorite HIIT workouts. So add them to the above and you've got 11 awesome HIIT workouts to try:

11 Awesome High Intensity HIIT Workouts
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Question: How do you feel about high intensity interval training? Do you like to use equipment in your HIIT workouts? How do you feel about workouts that don't use equipment?

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