Sunday, November 22, 2015

Yoga at Dablon Vineyards

It's officially Winter up here in Michigan. We've had a relatively mild November, but it's promising to go out with a bang—snow fell on Friday night. We woke up to a few inches, just enough to send us all out for new boots, coats and ice scrapers. In true fashion, I woke up to run a few miles with my running club.

I doubled up on the socks and picked my fleece-lined tights.

Running in the Snow
The sidewalks were covered, and my feet felt like icy sponges fairly quickly into it.
But it was a beautiful run, nonetheless.

Running in the Snow
Five miles of Winter bliss: Snow-covered trees, ice-capped sand dunes. a quiet and quaint beach town. And me, running through it. Truth is, I'd choose running in the snow over running in high heat, hands down. There's something so relaxing and peaceful about it, I think. You just have to get the layers right.

Or do yoga by a fire when you're done.

After a quick post-run shower, I headed out to Dablon Vineyards in Baroda for an awesome yoga event hosted by one of my favorite yoga instructors. Here in Southwest Michigan, we have an overabundance of delicious vineyards complete with picturesque tasting rooms. And honestly, I've probably only been to half of them. So when I saw that Dablon was hosting Maria (aforementioned favorite instructor), I signed up with a few friends. I hadn't been to Dablon yet and felt this would be the perfect opportunity to change that.

Wine and yoga. #nobrainer

We started out with a short meditation to let go and be thankful.
Then we proceeded into our practice.

Yoga at Dablon Vineyards in Southwest Michigan
I was particularly grateful for the downward dogs after my run through the snow. I rushed to get home, so I didn't stretch as sufficiently as I should have. Translation: I needed this yoga class.

Yoga at Dablon Vineyards in Southwest Michigan
You might think that wine and yoga don't go together.
I think this picture will convince you otherwise:

Yoga at Dablon Vineyards in Southwest Michigan
Balance poses in a beautiful atmosphere, completed by the promise of wine.

And delicious food.

Yoga at Dablon Vineyards in Southwest Michigan
She brought brunch:

• Carrot and Fennel Soup
• Parmesan Zucchini Frittata
• Cheddar Broccolini Frittata
• Banana Muffins
• Fresh Blueberry Cake
• Fruit
• Coffee

So good, all of it. Made even better by great company.

Yoga at Dablon Vineyards in Southwest Michigan
People from the gym, people from the running club. And my best friend:

Yoga at Dablon Vineyards in Southwest Michigan
So much fun. The best, really.

I'm already looking forward to the next email I get from Maria. Rumor has it she's coming back for more (and you know I'll be signing up). For the yoga AND for the wine:

Yoga at Dablon Vineyards in Southwest Michigan
Question: Have you participated in any fitness events held in unconventional locations? Also, tell me, what's your favorite bottle of wine? I'm always looking for new varieties to try...

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