Wednesday, October 21, 2015

TRX and BOSU Interval Workout

The BOSU will always be my favorite piece of fitness equipment. Coming in at a very close second: TRX straps. They're quite intimidating when you see them hanging on an anchor, but TRX will give you a total-body workout unlike any other. And almost anyone can use them. Combine TRX straps with a BOSU and some timed intervals and, can imagine the fun. I had a brief opening in my schedule this morning, so I snuck into the studio for a TRX and BOSU interval workout.

Combine TRX with a BOSU for a total-body interval workout.
My brief window was literally 40 minutes of me busting out my workout, which meant I had no time to sneak in a few action shots. Just one quick selfie:

I so wanted to end with a 5-minute flow to stretch, but alas, that didn't happen either. I do have a mat at home, though. So there's still time.

I also have TRX straps at home and, of course, a BOSU trainer, so I snuck out to the backyard to illustrate a few highlights from the following workout:

Work your entire body with the BOSU and a set of TRX straps in 40 minutes.
As always, please remember to warm up and cool down appropriately. Also, check in with your doctor or your certified personal trainer if you have any questions, or if you're just starting out on your fitness journey. It's true that I am certified, but I don't know your specific fitness level, or if you have any contraindications to exercise.

That said, let's talk about the workout.

It's pretty straightforward. Three circuits, all timed. I use the IntervalTimer app on my iPhone so I don't have to eyeball the clock (or think about the time). It works nicely, and is easy to set up. You'll want to complete each circuit three times before moving on to the next. Give yourself time in between the circuits to set up and drink water.

And now, those highlights (translation: the pictures I took in my backyard). You should recognize most of the exercises. Let's go down the list.

Here's what a TRX pistol squat looks like using the BOSU balance trainer:

Pistol Squats on a BOSU with the TRX straps make for an awesome leg day challenge.
Of course, do your first interval on one side, then switch to the next.

Up next, a classic TRX move. The TRX row. Go deep with the feet super close to your anchor to really increase the challenge on those back muscles:

TRX Rows will tone your back muscles and add strength.

Seriously, it's an unbelievably gorgeous Fall day up here in Michigan. Sun on my face! #love

Wide squat hold with alternating side bends? Don't overthink it. Reach for your ankles. Alternating toward one side after the other.

Wide Squat Jumps to BOSU

Walking Pushups

TRX Hamstring Runners. Oh, how these burn. And, total blogger fail: I didn't snap a picture so I'll default you to the TRX YouTube page (which, by the way, is filled with awesome exercises). Go to the 1:40 mark of THIS VIDEO and check out the hamstring curl. To make it a runner, you just alternate bringing in one knee, then the other.

Good stuff.

TRX Biceps Curls:

TRX Biceps curls take traditional biceps curls one step further to really challenge your arm muscles.
Promise me you'll keep those elbows lifted. Dropping them to your ribs is the number one mistake with this exercise, and it takes away from the work that your biceps need to do.

Up next, TRX Front Squat to Triceps Press. Here's a quick little video (no, there's not sound):

Last two exercises in this TRX and BOSU interval workout: Hip Dips in Plank on BOSU (pretty self-explanatory), and BOSU Burpees with Overhead Press. My personal favorite BOSU exercise.

Now, as noted, today was exceptionally beautiful outside. I really should have just saved my workout for this afternoon instead of squeezing it in at the gym, but...anyway. My next project is trying to figure out how to hook up my straps in the floorboards of my basement because, you know... #winteriscoming.

Your basement can be a gym. You just need space, and a few pieces of equipment.
Don't judge my basement. It's just a basement.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some laundry to do.

If you want more workout fun, you can check out #wildworkoutwednesday.

Question: What fitness equipment do you like using together in one workout? Do you hang a TRX in your house? How can I hang it in mine? Now taking suggestions...

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