Friday, October 16, 2015

Let's shop the Victoria's Secret Sport catalog... #tryme

It's pretty telling when a majority of the catalogs you get in the mail are selling workout clothes for women. Right now, I have the latest from Reebok, Athleta and Victoria's Secret Sport. I often get Title Nine, H&M Sport and New Balance, too. I don't always order from them (because I can't always justify the prices), but I like to see what's new and what might be coming down the fitness fashion pipelines.

Today, I thought it would be fun for us to "window shop" the Victoria's Secret Sport catalog. Plus, it's #fitnfashionable Friday.

fitness fashion, fitness clothing, fitgear, angels
Except today, I'm actually window shopping with the intent to purchase. Here's why:Do you follow Victoria's Secret Sport on Instagram? You should. They're very interactive. A few weeks ago, they posted an image with a question: "How did you prove them wrong?" I responded with this comment: "I proved myself right...that I could actually do what I thought I couldn't."

Apparently, they liked my comment enough to send me a gift card. When they reached out, I honestly thought they were just going to send me a coupon, which would have been enough.

Lesson of the day: Follow and interact with your favorite brands because you just never know.

So, here I sit.
Flipping through the Victoria's Secret Sport catalog.

Here's what I'm loving the most:

fitness fashion, fitness clothing, fitgear, angels
You can't really tell, but these Knockout Crops are actually navy blue...and the wide variety of additional colors will go with a number of different tanks in my drawer. Plus, I absolutely love my existing pair of Victoria's Secret Sport pants. And, I remember seeing these in the store and being really upset that they didn't have my size. Front runner, for sure.

But I'm also pretty obsessed with this open-back pullover:

fitness fashion, fitness clothing, fitgear, angels, long sleeve workout shirt, open back shirt
I just can't decide how practical it would be because I don't teach in long sleeves, and when I train clients, I wear our team shirt. And since it's getting colder outside, it's not like I'd wear it around the house with leggings and a cute bra. But, I do love it. And the strappy back sport bra:

fitness fashion, fitness clothing, fitgear, angels, sports bras, vsx
...but I'm a little hesitant to purchase a bra that I can't try on. Especially one from Victoria's Secret because the sport bra that I did have from them never really fit me properly despite trying on a bunch of different sizes. But, maybe it was that particular bra.

So the pants are definitely still a front runner, but I also found this cuteness online:

fitness fashion, fitness clothing, fitgear, angels, sweater, thumb holes, gym to street style
I just wish it came in other colors because most of my wardrobe is some  version of black and grey. How very Olivia Pope (#omgscandal) of me, so maybe I should just embrace it. I do need clothes to wear outside of the gym, and I absolutely love fitness gear that works on the street, too. Plus, thumb holes.

Decisions, decisions.

Question: What would you buy?

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