Friday, October 9, 2015

5 Things to Think About When Shopping for Workout Clothes (plus, a BOA #GratefulllyUndead Review)

Disclaimer: The following post is sponsored by BOA. I was given free product to review, but all opinions are (as per the usual) my very own!

I have a serious addiction—to workout clothes! It's bad, you guys. I hardly buy regular clothes anymore, which means I always struggle when it's time to actually dress up in something other than exercise clothing. Don't even get me started on gym shoes versus, well...regular shoes. So when BOA reached out to me with an opportunity to review a complete outfit from their new Gratefully Undead collection, I welcomed the opportunity for two reasons: The collection is colorful, and I wasn't familiar with the brand.

I am, however, quite picky when it comes to my fitness apparel. There are certain things I always think about when I'm shopping. We'll get to those things in a second. First, here's what BOA sent me:

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Women's Printed Singlet, $30
Women's Printed Fit Short, $42

BOA stands for "built on athletics," which emphasizes their desire to make clothing that helps athletes "stand out on their path to greatness." A positive goal, indeed. And all of their products are made in Southern California. So...go USA, right?!

The Gratefully Undead collection is their attempt to bring variety to their existing inventory, which I think is already pretty versatile from a print perspective. They come up with original artwork, which is translated to yoga pants and sports bras, running shorts and tank tops—for men and women.

Let's take a closer look at what they sent me (and let's finally talk about what you should think about when you shop for fitness clothing).

fitness fashion, workout clothes, fitness gear, exercise gear, exercise clothing, BOA USA, Gratefully Undead
1) "What else can I wear this with?" If you're out to replace something basic, like a pair of black yoga pants, then this thought is insignificant. But, if you just want new fitness gear, think about it from an outfit perspective. What else can you wear that tank with? Is there a matching pair of shorts worth purchasing? I've been really focusing on outfits whenever I go shopping. And if I can't find an actual outfit, then I want whatever I'm buying to match as much of whatever I already have to get the most out of my purchase. Clearly the colors in these shorts will go with a lot:

bike shorts, yoga shorts, running shorts, made in the usa, fitness clothing, fit gear, fit fashion
2) "Can you see my underwear?" Seriously, make sure you can't. There's nothing more embarrassing than a pair of fitness bottoms that end up see-through. Because no one needs to see that. And I can assure you that these shorts from BOA are not see through. I feel like this is always the case when the interior is white, but not this time. Also, if you try pants on and you CAN see through them, go up a size and see if it makes a difference. Sometimes it does.

3) "Will I have to pull and tug at these bottoms in any way?" There's nothing more annoying than a pair of bottoms that seem cute and comfortable, but end up saggy and bunchy. This is why I don't wear regular shorts when I work out, and why I wear skirts for running. Now, these shorts did not fall down. However, I would definitely enjoy another inch or two in the 2.5" inseam. A bit short for me, but still doable. I didn't feel like I was overexposing myself, but I did have to tug them down a few times while I was teaching PiYo Live.

fitness clothing, fitness fashion, fitgear, exercise clothes, yoga clothes, workout clothes
4) "Are any seams bugging me?" There's nothing worse than a misplaced seam or stitch. Especially when you're working out. Scan yourself for misplaced seams while you're in the dressing room, just to be sure. Because once you wear the clothing, if it's not something you're ultimately comfortable in, there's not really a whole lot you can do about it. BOA does the seaming right. I especially enjoyed the offset side seams in the tank top. A nice touch:

fitness gear, fitness fashion, fitgear, fit fashion, workout clothes, exercise clothes, made in america, running tank top
5) "Is it perfect?" This might seem like a silly thing to ask yourself when you're shopping, but it's honestly a question that I ask myself before I make any random fashion purchase. When I put something on, I want to automatically love it. If I have to convince myself, then I know it's not really worth it and I won't really wear it as often as I might think. Remind yourself that it doesn't matter how cute something is, if it doesn't feel "perfect" from the get-go...put it back. You deserve to feel fabulous, and your clothes shouldn't hold you back from that.

To check out the entire Gratefully Undead collection, visit their website. Or follow their adventures on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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Happy shopping!

Question: How do you determine if something is worth buying? Any questions you ask yourself in the dressing room?

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