Monday, August 3, 2015

#RaceRecap: @RunWithLogan 10K

It's definitely Summer up here in Michigan. We spent a ton of time outside this weekend. Lunch by a water fountain, an outdoor antiques, I ran a race. It was Logan's Run through Notre Dame. I ran the 5K last year and finished 9th in my age group. This year, I ran the 10K and finished 7th in my age group. I might have been able to finish a little faster, but that wasn't the point. I ran with my mom, and I literally just wanted to run six enjoyable miles with her because we always have fun when we run together.

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The course itself was great, although we didn't get any water until the second mile marker which was sort of a bummer on such a warm day. But this Irish fan loved the scenery. Notre Dame is a great campus to run through. And this particular race is filled with people who (like us) just want to run for fun. Logan's Run raises money for Logan Center, which is a local organization that provides resources and opportunities for people with disabilities. My mom's place of employment is one of the sponsors, so we were able to run for free as they had entries to share.

Obligatory finish line shots:

running, run chat, race day, mother, daughter, notre dame, race medal
race medal, race bling, runchat, runner, tara sabo

Obligatory post-race coffee:

coffee, iced coffee, starbucks, run chat
I've been extremely impressed with the food at Starbucks as of late. I ate the best veggie and brown rice salad when I was out in California, and then picked up this delish cheese snack this weekend to go with my coffee:

food, snacks, apple, gouda, cheese and crackers, almonds
And now, I focus on the next two weeks and last-minute preps for my next half marathon. I ran five miles this morning, the last of which was done on the treadmill to mimic a killer hill. The legs are feeling good.

flower pants, everymilecounts, runner, rungear
I'm running the Michigan Wine Trail Half Marathon on August 16th. It will be hilly and probably hot. I'm nervous, and equally excited. Let's do it, right?

Question: How do you feel about hills? Do you like running them? What's your favorite way to train for them?

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