Saturday, August 22, 2015

How to Find Your #Fitness Community

Every person everywhere needs this one thing in their life: A tribe of positive people. Be it your friends, coworkers, your family or even your favorite Facebook groups...if positive people are present, then you will reap many a benefit. Nowhere is this more important than in the fitness community. Fitness goals are not easy to achieve. They require mental and physical toughness, and actual know-how. Which is why it's so important for us all to be a part of a fitness community.

You'd be hard-pressed to find a fitness community that isn't filled with positive people.

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We need inspiration.
We need to be educated.
We want friends to sweat with.
We want to have fun working out.

Negativity? No time.

Being a part of a positive fitness community makes all of these needs and wants your reality.
But it's not always easy to find the right fitness community for you.

Where do you even look? How do you connect? I thought I'd give you some pointers.

1) Use social media to connect with like-minded individuals. Training for a marathon? Connect with the mother runners and swap stories. Follow your favorite magazines on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and join the conversations underneath their posts. Stalk applicable hashtags, like #runchat or #instarunner. Whatever your interests, link up with those that share it because then—you're never alone!

2) Join a gym. This seems like an obvious tip, but gym memberships are worth every penny. In addition to fitness classes and top-notch equipment at the ready, gyms offer up built-in communities. And if you pick the right gym, there will be a spot for you in those communities.

3) Seek out local groups and events. Now, it's true that I work at a gym and this may seem contradictory to the above, but I don't believe you need a gym membership to be successful with finding your fitness community. You CAN find this in your ACTUAL community. You just have to look for it. Look for running or walking groups. Keep an eye on coffee shop message boards and events sections in your local papers. And, most importantly, participate in these things that appeal to you.

4) Be outgoing. People who love fitness love to share fitness with others, it's true 99.9% of the time. So if you see people running, walking, or heading toward that one group fitness class you've always wanted to try, don't be afraid to introduce yourself. Say, "hey! I see you guys doing this all the time and I'm totally interested...can I join?" They'll most-likely welcome you with open arms.

Note #1: It took me a few weeks to actually show up at one of the Saturday morning runs that my running group puts on. I was nervous. I literally did not know anyone, a situation that always intimidates me. And I was worried that I wouldn't be able to keep up. But I went, and I haven't stopped going...and I've made a lot of runner friends because of it.

Note #2: I ran six miles this morning and didn't have any knee pain! Hooray!

5) Be the ringleader. And I quote: "If you build it, they will come!" Want a running group? Start one. Get your coworkers or friends together for more than just coffee or lunch dates. Run! Or if running isn't your thing, do those workout DVDs you keep reading about. Or purchase group training sessions!

Bottom line, fitness is fun and is best when shared. You need a buddy. You need solo fitness time, too. This is true. But having a buddy, a group or a go-to event is key to keeping yourself on track.

Fitness is diverse. It's universal.
There is literally something for everyone.

As a result, there is literally a fitness community for everyone.
Find yours, embrace it and grow because of it.

Question: What is your fitness community? How did you find it?

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