Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Healthy Snack Alert: Plenti Greek Yogurt (plus, a BOSU workout) #workoutwednesday #sponsored

You guys know how much I love making my own healthy yogurt. Time for a confession: I haven't been making it lately because #life. So I've been relying on the grocery store for Greek yogurts that are packed full of goodness. And lately, my grocery store has truly been there for me with their selection. My current favorite: Plenti Greek yogurt, which I initially discovered at BlogFest.

Plenti yogurt from Yoplait is Greek-style yogurt, but it has whole grain oats, flax and pumpkin seeds, and fruit mixed right in. This means two things: That Plenti yogurt is delicious, and that it fits into my daily routine. This is a snack I can rely on when I need a quick fix. And with eight different flavors, I'll never get bored.

I doubt you will, either.
There is literally a flavor for everyone.
This is what I've been eating:

Yoplait, Packed Full of Goodness, healthy snack

Additional flavors include Coconut, Peach, Spiced Apple and Strawberry.
(Seriously craving the Spiced Apple version right now.)

If you're like me, you love (and need) healthy snacks in your life. I'm constantly on-the-go and don't always have time to stop and make something substantial, so things like snack bars and (obviously) this Plenti Greek yogurt are perfect because they transport easily. I can literally grab-and-go.

Yoplait, Cherry, Packed Full of Goodness, healthy snack
Side note: I'm loving the cold pack in my new backpack.
It's the perfect size for a cup of yogurt.

As I said before, everything is already mixed in:

Yoplait, Blueberry, Packed Full of Goodness, healthy snack
I very rarely eat my yogurt plain, which is another reason I love Plenti yogurt. They put more in—and I get more out. It has a 1:1 ratio of protein and sugar. 12 grams each, to be specific. And for those of you that eat gluten-free, worry not. This stuff doesn't have any gluten in it.

Just healthy deliciousness, I promise.
I mean, seriously, I've had this yogurt twice now in between things at the gym:

Yoplait, Blueberry, Packed Full of Goodness, healthy snack
I took Barre today, had a client...then found myself with some free time to tackle emails and paperwork, during which I noshed on the Blueberry version. Super good. Currently trying to decide if I should throw another cup into my backpack as I head to the gym for round two. I'm subbing a 30-minute BOSU class tonight. This is what I've got planned:

AMRAP, BOSU, workouts, exercises, burpees
That said, I better get going.

Next time you hit the grocery store, see if you can find some Plenti Greek yogurt. If you can find Coconut, Peach or Spiced Apple, definitely give one of them a try and let me know what you think. (Although, truth be told, I suspect I won't like Coconut...I prefer my coconut in candle and sunscreen form.)

For more information on Plenti Greek Yogurt, check out their website and/or follow them on Instagram.

Question: Do you like BOSU workouts? What's your favorite BOSU exercise?

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