Wednesday, June 3, 2015

I run... #nationalrunningday

Runners unite! It's National Running Day! Did you celebrate? I didn't. Boo.

Wednesday is a Barre Fit day for me, and at the risk of overtraining, I forgo running. So I'll celebrate National Running Day tomorrow morning. I'm shooting for five miles with negative splits (hopefully the last two miles will be faster than the first three). I've spent a majority of my running life focusing solely on building up miles from run, so I'm trying to introduce some speed/pace work now. Any tips? I'll take your advice. Truth be told, I have a really hard time maintaining my ideal pace. I tend to hover right around where I want to be.

Speaking of running.
Do your running shoes motivate you?

(Note: The following portion of this post contains affiliate links.)

If not, think quick. Momentum Jewelry is adding a free "RUN Happy" footnote to every purchase made through the month of June. I love mine:

Additionally, you can save 10% on your order thanks to my affiliate link. This offer, of course, goes beyond today. Guys, seriously. I love this company! I wear their wrist wraps at the gym almost every single day. Today's stack:

They're so cute and completely motivational. You gotta get one.

And I've got footnotes on a few different pairs of shoes:

I'm all about getting as much motivation into my life as possible.

Question: Did you run today? How many miles? Why do you run?

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