Monday, June 22, 2015

Breaking the Coffee Habit with @NakedJuice: Can I do it? #TryNakedJuice

It's not always easy or convenient to fit fruits and vegetables into your morning routine, but Naked Juice provides another option to make sure you are getting your daily dose of goodness. So, hey...if you can't eat 'em, drink 'em! Thank you Naked Juice for sponsoring this post.

The coffee addiction is real, folks. Too real. After a solid workout, especially after I go running, I want coffee. Iced. With non-fat milk and a shot of caramel. So bad, right? I should be guzzling water or some type of protein. iced coffee, please. So good, and so refreshing (hence, the addiction). But it's a proven fact that coffee...well, best consumed BEFORE your workout. Caffeine is a stimulant, which means it wakes up the systems of the body while providing a burst of energy.

So when Clever Girls reached out on behalf of Naked Juice with the opportunity to try their new Berry Almond Nutmilk, I though "yes...healthy and delicious alternative, let's do it."

I love Naked Juice, mostly the fruity flavors. Mighty Mango all the way. But I also love almond milk and blueberries.

Not gonna lie: Smoothies rock because you can sip your fruits and veggies, which is super-convenient when you're on-the-go. Also not gonna lie: Smoothies can be a pain to make when you're, well...on-the-go.

Me: Always on the go.
Check out these ingredients:

Naked Juice would call that "Mother Nature's bounty," all bottled up in a convenient little container ready and waiting to be consumed. If you're curious, Berry Almond Nutmilk is gluten-free, vegan and dairy-free. #winning

How does it taste?

Loosely translated, that visual means this bottle is filled with deliciousness. Any combination of almonds and berries is typically a winner, at least in my book. Add apples and bananas and it's over-the-top. One thing I struggled with just a bit—the texture. It was a little gritty, but I think that's to be expected when you grind up almonds. Right?

Key thing to remember: Each bottle is two servings, unlike some other flavors.
The other day, I threw a bottle in my gym bag instead of packing an iced coffee.

Boy, was it hard to leave that coffee behind! Old habits die hard (or don't die at all, honestly). But it worked for me, it satisfied my need to eat something. And I ended up sipping on it while I got some work done, too.

Full disclosure: I'm typing this post out as I drink an iced coffee, but Naked Juice has reminded me that there are other options better-suited to my post-workout routine. Consider the coffee habit not broken, but a few lessons have been learned:

1) There is life without coffee.
2) I need to make more smoothies.
3) Naked Juice is nice to have in the 'fridge.

Ultimately, when it comes to post-workout refreshments, you gotta do what works for you. But if you're struggling with coffee addiction (not always a problem), or if you're looking for something else to grab and go, try Naked Juice. Bonus: They're widely available which means you'll have easy access to fruits and veggies if you can't pack them yourself.

Here, I've got five coupons to give away to one lucky Daily Dose reader.

Will it be you?

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Contest ends Friday, June 26, 2015 at midnight, EST. One winner will be chosen and notified as soon as possible. Contest is only open to residents of the United States (boo...sorry).

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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