Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Healthy Living Hack: Frozen Oatmeal for Easy Breakfasts #dishthefit

Oatmeal is, by far, one of my favorite breakfast options. Besides the healthy carb factor, it happens to be the perfect vehicle for just about any combination of fruit and/or nut. Add in some cinnamon, maybe a squirt of honey or maple syrup...perfection. But oatmeal takes time. And store-bought packets, while much quicker to make, aren't always the nutritious breakfast they claim to be. Plus, they can be expensive.

So, here's a healthy living hack for you: Freeze a giant batch of steel-cut oats in a muffin tin (or two).

Once the oat cups are frozen, you can pop them out and store them all in one giant freezer bag.

Easy access to a healthy breakfast, eh?
Two cups keeps me full.

You could also eat just one if you're combining them with eggs and/or yogurt.
Once you go from bag to bowl, it only takes about a minute per cup.

They come out piping hot, a bit chewy and ready for whatever you want to mix in.
My choice? Raspberries and blueberries.

The recipe I used called for maple syrup and cinnamon, otherwise I would have added some combination of the two. Or maybe just some honey. Other combos I like:

1) Honey and chopped almonds
2) Banana and peanut butter with a few chocolate chips
3) Kiwi and peanut butter
4) Pumpkin pie spice and pecans

Seriously, because of this hack, it literally takes me five minutes to create a piping hot, delicious and nutritious breakfast. #obsessedwithfrozenoatmeal

Question: What's your best healthy living hack? See what my peers are doing...

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