Thursday, September 4, 2014

What could go wrong? Thoughts on teaching my first PiYo Live class. (#pinspirationthursday)

See it over there in my sidebar? That new badge? PiYo instructor. That's me. I did it. And I've been working so hard to learn the choreography because PiYo Live is one of those classes. It's timed out to the very last second, which means I have 3,600 seconds to memorize (because that's how many seconds are in a 60-minute class). Realistically, it's not that hard to learn the choreography. But my nerves are killing me.

I feel like I'm in speech class all over again.

Which is silly because this isn't my first group fitness class. I've been teaching for four years. (What?!) But this is the first time I will be responsible for actual, can't-mess-up-or-wing-it choreography. Translation: This is the first time I won't be able to rely on a class outline or other form of in-front-of-me notes.

So all I can think about is what will go wrong next Friday.

What happens if I forget what comes next?
What happens if I lose count?
What happens if I forget to cue a modification?

I mean, total disaster will strike.

Or maybe it won't.
Maybe I just need to teach my first class.

That's what I tell all of my new instructors: That they just need to teach their first class.

Because everything will be OK.

It will be OK, right?
Class will pass just fine?


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Time to shift gears.

I need to stop thinking about totally messing up in class and start thinking about how awesome it's going to be... bring this new format to my club. stand in front of a class again in a studio that feels like home. help people increase their strength and flexibility. see people smile when they realize how good it feels.

So much can (and probably) will go right next week. So what if I mess up. Our members are awesome and I think they'll understand. They've understood before, so why not this time? I've messed up before and they keep coming back to my classes.

Fitness isn't black and white, it's not be-all and's everything. It's getting together and moving. It's following a format and leaving room for mistakes, changes, updates, whatevers.

I can, and I will teach this class.

I can, and I will believe in myself.
Because why take myself down before class even starts.

I need confidence.


I have confidence.

And you do, too.

Don't ever let anyone, anything or any situation convince you otherwise.

Question: Did you ever have to take a speech class? Did you like it? Why or why not?

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