Tuesday, September 2, 2014

August Recap / Hello, September!

Man, that holiday weekend threw me off! Anyone else forget that it's Tuesday and not Monday? I should have known because I taught my first post-baby Spinning class today. And I always teach Spinning on Tuesday. Rolls eyes and gets with the program. Let's recap August, then go over some goals for September. Shall we?

Here's what I shot for in August (with notes on how it all turned out):

1) Get outside as much as possible (for workouts and for fun).
We've definitely been getting outside, although there have been days where it's just been too hot. Not for us, but for the kiddos. Sadly, we only went to the beach twice this month. And, well...twice all summer. But our little kiddie pool has seen its fair share of action.

2) Get certified to teach PiYo Live.

I'm so in love with this program. I plan to write a recap of the certification process and what it's like to teach a PiYo Live class as soon as I actually teach one. We launch it at the gym next week. I'm nervous...and really, really excited.

3) Take a Spinning class or two before I start teaching them again.
Yes! Done! And as I said before, I taught my first post-baby class today. I took a class about a week ago, and it was the first time I had been on a bike in almost four months. I felt a little rusty in the lead bike this morning, but you always have to get that first class over with and then, well...it literally is like riding a bike. You just do it and it feels right.

4) Participate in the #HappyAugust Photo-A-Day Challenge hosted by The Happsters.
Fail. Sigh. And I do love me a good photo-a-day challenge. Oh well. 

5) Be mentally prepared to head back to work the last week of August. 
I went back last week to a pretty empty schedule, which gave me ample time to catch up. My schedule is still pretty light, which is great. I don't feel overwhelmed. I'm not sad about being back. It helps that I like my job, sure, and that my kids are down the hall in the nursery. But still. I was ready.

6) Participate in the Jost Running Home Run 10K on August 31.
I'm a new fan of virtual racing. Expect a race recap this week. My training plan calls for another 6-miler this weekend, and I'm wondering if I can top what I did this past weekend.

And now...

This is it. The transition month. It still feels like Summer up here in Michigan, but it won't last forever. And I hear rumblings of a tough Winter yet again this year. So who knows what these next few weeks will be like. We're all just riding the heat for right now, hoping it sticks for a little bit longer.

My goals for September:

1) Teach my first PiYo Live class without messing up too badly.
2) Have fun at The Color Run in South Bend on September 27.
3) Sign up for the Hot Chocolate 15K in Chicago on November 2.
4) Reduce the amount of sugar in my diet.
5) Friggen' buy new running shoes already, gah!
6) Figure out a team uniform for the Grand Rapids Marathon relay.

Question: Have you ever taken a PiYo Live class? What did you like/dislike about it?

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