Friday, September 26, 2014

My Favorite #iPhone Camera Apps

And here we are, at Friday! Anyone else pretty excited about that? I feel like I've had a crazy week. We had a member picnic at the gym on Tuesday night, I subbed a Functional Training class on Thursday night...add to it all of my normal weekly duties at the gym and around the house, plus all the miles I've been running...don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. I'm just excited that it's Friday.

Don't lie—You are, too.

So we'll keep it easy today. Or maybe I'll set you up for some good picture-taking this weekend because I'm pretty much obsessed with all of the picture apps on my iPhone. It's no secret that I'm head over heels for Instagram, and my favorite photo apps make that social platform even more fun.

Or maybe it's just my Studio Art minor self getting into the artsy fartsy side of it all.


You'll have to investigate the following if you don't use an iPhone. Admittedly, I don't really know what phones work with what apps. Sorry 'bout that. Also, I'm not a professional photographer. I just like to play with pretty pictures and fun camera functions.

1) Camera+
I take most of my pictures with the camera on my phone, and then I import them into Camera+ to fine tune things like sharpness and exposure. There's some pretty cool filters in this app, too. I don't always use them, but they're there if/when I want them.

2) Picfx
This is where I really get crazy with filters, especially in the "light" category. That's where I find all the bokeh. (Note: Bokeh 4 is my favorite.)

3) A Beautiful Mess and Rhonna Designs
These two apps are fairly similar. I play around with both when I want to add graphics and/or text. Rhonna seems to offer a bit more, but ABM feels a little more user-friendly. This particular screen shot is from Rhonna:

4) FitSnap
This one is particularly awesome if you like to share your fitness on Instagram. It allows you to layer up your photos with workout time, distance and pace. All you have to do is punch in distance and time, and it figures the pace for you. And then you get to pick the layout (and even the filter) of your choice. Like so:

5) Union
I just started playing with Union, and I think it's pretty sweet if you have the right photos. It basically layers two or more photos on top of each other, and you can play with opaqueness to determine how much of what is shown. Look back up to my FitSnap example. I used Union to put my legs on top of the street.

6) InstaCollage
I don't piece together a lot of collages for Instagram, but when I do, I always turn to InstaCollage. It's just really easy to use and has a lot of great predetermined frames to fill in.

7) PicLab and Snapseed
I haven't used either of these two very much, mostly because I haven't had much time to sit and play, but from what I can tell, they're both awesome. PicLab takes Camera+ and combines it with ABM and Rhonna, for lack of better description. Tons of features to enhance your pics. And Snapseed is more along the lines of Camera+ in that it gives you a variety of ways to fine tune your iPhone photos.

Most of the apps above offer in-app purchases, but I have yet to make any. They all seem to function quite nicely with the tools that come with. Now, I paid for Camera+, ABM and Rhonna. The rest were free. And for what it's worth, I hate paying for apps (so that tells you something).

Question: What camera apps do you use on your phone?

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