Monday, September 22, 2014

Fall #Running Update

I ran eight miles this weekend. According to MapMyRun on my iPhone, I only ran seven. It's my fault. Pretty sure I shut off the app at my turnaround point when I checked my stats. Big fat ugh. Currently waiting for the Amazon fairy to deliver my new Garmin.

Tonight, I ran 4.5 miles on the track at my gym. It takes 14 laps to complete one mile, so you can image how mind-numbing it was for me. I struggle so bad with indoor runs! I had to jump on a treadmill for one mile just to break it up. Here's the final report. Roughly. (Seriously can't wait for my new Garmin to get here.)

Anyway. Tech issues and indoor runs aside, training for the Metro Health Grand Rapids Marathon Relay is going well. There are three people on my team and I'll be running the second leg, which makes me responsible for eleven miles and some change.

I think I'm more worried about getting to the exchange point via bus than I am about actually having to run that distance. Speaking of distance. Here's what I've got on tap:

September 27: The Color Run 5K
October 19: Metro Health Grand Rapids Marathon (Relay)
November 1: Jost Running Strength In Numbers Virtual Half Marathon
November 9: Hot Chocolate 15K

I added a virtual half marathon compliments of Jost Running. I've really enjoyed working with them. If you've yet to experience a virtual race, you might consider it. For example, I couldn't find a half marathon that worked with my running and personal schedule, so going virtual will allow me to fit one in as I see,

But, I'm getting ahead of myself. I've got The Color Run this weekend, and I unearthed these bad boys for the group:

Should be fun. Still not sure how I'm going to balance it with my scheduled long run, but...should be fun.

Question: Have you ever done a marathon relay? Any tips for navigating the exchanges?

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YUM! Love berry crumbles...

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