Friday, August 22, 2014

Feedly Finds, Vol. 7

So here's a funny story: I reached for a coffee cup this morning and strained a muscle in the middle of my back. Like, literally crumpled to the floor when it happened. WHO DOES THAT? I haven't been able to take a decent, full breath all day. For real. I tried foam rolling...I even tried rolling on one of my kids' toy balls against the wall. Nothing is really relieving it, so I resorted to this:

I had the husband apply it pretty aggressively, and he definitely found where the strain/knot/whatever was. Boy, it hurt so good. And now my back is icy warm. We'll see if this works. In the meantime, here's your monthly Feedly Finds:

1) I am fairly convinced that my daughter is a proud member of the toddler club. She does, after all, follow the rules quite perfectly.

2) With every day that goes by, I am reminded that I'm not getting any younger, my kids are growing so fast! I don't want to miss a thing. So I'm doing what I can to live a full life.

3) We love Mexican food. Seriously, we'd eat it every night if we could. Jason, especially, loves his enchiladas. But I hate making them because the canned sauce is just so, well...not at all good for you, so I'm anxious to try Kelly's enchilada sauce recipe. And her homemade taco seasoning, too.

4) If you forced me to pick one social media platform, I would (without a doubt) pick Instagram. I love it, and I want to learn all there is to know about it from a business/blogger perspective, so I've been reading all the Instagram how-to posts that pass through my Feedly. One common theme: Instagram isn't like Facebook. So many users don't get this.

5) I think I eat too much sugar. When I messed around with MyFitnessPal after Evan was born, I noticed myself going over the limit almost every day. Granted, I eat a lot of natural sugars via fruit, but still. I do tend to gravitate toward the not-natural sweet things, too. But how much sugar is too much? Check out Tamara's post for that info.

6) My kiddo is potty trained (for the most part), which means she uses public restrooms now. Inevitably, whenever she sits on the potty, she grabs the edge of it for balance (and I barf a little in my mouth). I encourage her to hold on to me as I hold on to her, but I can't always beat the gross potty seat grab. So I'm way particular about our hand washing. We follow all the hand washing rules.

7) I'm obsessed with running the Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon next year. Maybe even the 5K, too. Katie's recap pretty much sealed the deal for me. (It's also a great story about believing in yourself and doing what you can, and being proud of yourself, too.)

8) Recipes for Sugar Cookie Cheesecake do not help my need to cut back on sugar.

9) It's been hard for me to work out at the gym, and we don't have a lot of gym equipment at home (oddly enough), so I've been turning to body weight exercises. I'm loving this roundup from Greatist.

10) Is your body currently getting by on being lazy? Then you need to read this.

Oh, and...the BioFreeze is helping.

Question: What's your take on sugar consumption? How do you fight your sweet tooth?

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