Tuesday, August 12, 2014

6 Ways to Stay Motivated on Unexpected Rest Days

Yesterday ended up being a rest day. I had originally planned to run three miles, but eight hours of PiYo Live training left me feeling sore. Like, I-got-hit-by-a-truck sore. #hurtssogood

So again, I turned yesterday into a rest day. You gotta do what you gotta do, amiright? That doesn't make it any less frustrating, though. When I'm training for something, I like to stick to the schedule so as not to lose motivation. But, you know, it's not always possible. So this got me thinking: How can one stay motivated on unexpected rest days? I came up with six ways that work for me. Maybe you, too.

1) Physically adjust your training schedule. 
Get out your calendar. Your pen and paper. Your tablet or whatever you use to keep track of your workout schedule. Take the time to edit the rest of it, taking into account your unexpected rest day, and then commit to getting right back on track the next day. That way, you won't lose more than a day. And you'll feel just fine about adding the extra rest day.

2) Make it an active rest day. 
If it's a time issue, this might not work for you. But if you're sore (like I was), try going for an easy walk and then dive into some deep stretching. Or play with your kids. Maybe swim in a pool. Exercise isn't always running, lifting, etc. All movement is good. Even if it's low key.

3) If you are a fitness professional, catch up on your planning.
This is actually what I did yesterday. When the kids fell asleep, which is when I normally would have done a workout, I pulled out my PiYo materials and worked with the choreography.

4) Write out your grocery list (and while you're at it—plan your meals).
If you can't spend the time working out, planning out your meals and/or your trip to the grocery store will still go miles for your health and fitness. Having a plan will help you avoid temptation and/or too many treats.

5) Catch up on your reading.
Because you're probably reading something, either a magazine or a book, that pertains to health and fitness, aren't ya? I've set my huge stack of magazines aside in favor of Run Like a Mother. So even though I chose not to run, I still kept it real with words that motivate me to lace up.

6) Go shopping for new fit gear (in person OR through the window).
I mean, right? Leave it to new gear to get you going.

Question: What do you do on rest days?


RunFastMama said...

Love the idea and feeling of taking pen to paper to reschedule things. On rest days I tend to just go with it and try to get caught up on my to-do lists with the extra time.

Axel Kussmann said...

I'm getting a lot of these thanks to workload, meetings that run overlong, etc. I find wearing a Fitbit (insert activity tracker of your choice) that counts steps and making sure I get to 10,000 by the end of the day (take the stairs more, park further away, generally take the long way around) ensures a little extra activity.

Nicole said...

Great tips! thanks for sharing :)

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