Sunday, July 6, 2014

Silent Killers of Your Metabolism (#Infographic)

Let's get scientific today: Can you define "metabolism?" No, it's not just your body's ability to make you skinny. It's actually much more complicated than that. Just because someone is tall, long, lean...whatever...doesn't necessarily make them blessed with an efficient metabolism. Metabolism is actually your body's ability to take the calories you consume and turn them into energy, which ultimately keeps you moving.

It's the "keeps you moving" part that encourages a lean body.

That's not, however, to discredit your individual metabolism and it's role in your healthy lifestyle. Your metabolism is quite important and you should, in all honesty, keep an eye on it. Loosely translated: That just means you have to eat right and move more. Because if you don't encourage your body with healthy fuel, and if you don't use that fuel, well...everything backs up and your metabolism says "fine, then I don't really need to work hard."

Behold the following infographic, which dives into a few silent killers of your metabolism.

Silent Killers of Your Metabolism Infographic
Question: According to the infographic, not getting enough sleep each night can negatively affect your metabolism. Tell me, how many hours do you clock, and is it working for you?


Kate Scott said...

I'm a diehard 8 hours a night gal. SO thankful that my little lady loves sleep too!

adailydoseoffit said...

A full night's it when that happens!! Glad your girlie is snoozing well!

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