Sunday, July 27, 2014

Feedly Finds, Vol. 6

Every month, I round up a few of my favorite posts. I usually share five links from various sites I read, but this month I'm doubling the fun. There are just too many good reads out there. So for what's left of your weekend, I urge you to relax. And if you've got nothing else to read, perhaps one of the following will entertain you as it did me.

1) Before Hannah was born, I read all the books and bought all the things. And then after she was born, I turned to those same books (and a few websites) for more. The rules? I played by them. And freaked out when I couldn't. This time around? So NOT the case. I can definitely relate to the 13 ways this blogger changed between her first and second baby.

2) Tamara is one of my favorite bloggers these days. Her posts are well-written and never short of useful information. Recently, she wrote about fitness routines of personal trainers. Spoiler alert: I'm one of the trainers she featured.

3) I love my friends. From the BFF that I've known since Kindergarten to the giant group of ladies I met in college, to the women I've gotten to know at the gym...I seriously have some awesome people in my life. Each one of them is worth keeping. These 15 tips remind me to return the favor.

4) One can never have enough running inspiration, amiright?

5) To say that my daughter is obsessed with Dora the Explorer would be a huge understatement. I know there are parents out there who think she's incredibly annoying, but I think she's great. In fact, here are ten reasons why Dora is cool.

6) I've had a lot of opportunities come my way because of Daily Dose. Some companies have been easier to work with than others. Some companies value my time more than others. If you're a company that works with bloggers, a blogger that works with companies, or a reader that wants some behind-the-scenes info—read these tips for companies wanting to work with bloggers.

7) I'm obsessed with maxi dresses right now.

8) Ever have a fat day? Fat days are more than OK.

9) I have a rhubarb plant in my backyard that came from my great grandfather's farm. Both he and the farm are no longer with the family, but the rhubarb plant great grandfather gave some to my grandmother, who gave some to my dad, who gave some to me! I chopped a bunch off a few days ago to make rhubarb jam, but I really hope there's enough left to make some sparkling rhubarb raspberry lemonade.

10) It's not about living the healthiest and longest life possible. It's about living, and I think that's something we so easily forget.

Question: Read anything good lately? Share a link in the comments!


Tamara Grand said...

OMGosh. I have become a maxi-dress-aholic too! Love how cool they are on hot days and hot little styling they need LOL!
Thanks for sharing our trainers post! :)

adailydoseoffit said...

Target has had some great maxis this poor wallet! Thanks again for including me in your post. Loved reading what the other trainers had to say!

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