Thursday, April 3, 2014

Should, would, could and did. (#pinspirationthursday)

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We are thinkers. Natural-born thinkers with brains that often won't stop. We over-analyze, we judge, we wonder and make assumptions and, well...we forget things, too. But sometime, we make choices and take actions. And because of those very same brains, those choices and actions pay off dramatically and we learn a valuable life lesson: That if we put our minds to it, if we believe in ourselves and stop thinking and start doing, well...we can make a difference.

Yesterday, I picked up two sports bras from Motherhood Maternity. They're meant to be worn by nursing mothers, and they're awesome. And cute:

And they represent a challenge I was far too hesitant to take on when Hannah was born, and a challenge I can't believe I'll be accepting again in just a few weeks. This time around, though...I'm ready. But in light of today's pin, I'll take you on my journey from "should" to "did" when it came to breastfeeding Hannah:

1) Should.
You read the books and see the stats. They all say that breast is best. But I honestly wanted no part of it at first. These ladies, they're mine. And I'm modest, so the thought of "whipping them out" in public terrified me. And really, let's be honest, formula is totally fine and acceptable, so do I really have to breastfeed? Answer: Well, you don't have to, but you should. Because that's why I have these ladies, right? So they say.

2) Would.
The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I would at least have to try. It was, after all, uncharted territory so maybe I would like it. Maybe it would come easy. Maybe it would feel totally normal and not at all uncomfortable or embarrassing.

3) Could.
And then Hannah was born. At first, I couldn't do it. It was hard and I wanted to stop. But everyone told me I could do it. That it would happen. So I did what I could to convince myself that they were right. That I could breastfeed my baby. But...could I? Could I keep fumbling like this, through tears and spilled milk? Was it really, truly and honestly worth it when such good formula was ready and waiting for me?

4) Did.
In the end, I did. I breastfed my baby girl for 12 months. Honest truth: That first month or so sucked something fierce (no pun intended). They tell you it's easy and glorious and wonderful, and it is. But not at first. Seriously. But when I look back, I can honestly say that it was a journey worth taking.

But I realize it's not one that every mother can and/or chooses to take, and that's not really what I'm here to argue or discuss. I'm not writing this to advocate that breastfeeding is the be-all/end-all to infant nurturing. That's a decision every mother has to make for herself.      

What I'm here to argue and advocate for, however,  is your own personal ability to channel your thoughts into positive actions. Take actions, friends! Get out there and do! Sit too long and ponder, well...soon enough your opportunities will have come and gone and you'll be left with thoughts of "if only." And let's be honest, those thoughts suck, too.

Get to "did." It's totally worth it.

Question: Tell me about one thing you did that you didn't think you could do?


Laura @ FitMamaLove said...

I had such a hard time nursing in my workout clothes the first time around, so I thought I would want maternity nursing bras this time, but for some reason I had no issues the second time. I just pull down the tops and it works fine. Maybe it's because I have such little boobs, though?? Lol. I'm a lot less modest this time around than the first too. I would've never dreamed of not using a cover the first time (unless I was with other nursing moms who weren't using one) but this time I do it fairly frequently (as long as I'm not around family).

adailydoseoffit said...

I do a combo of regular and nursing sports bras...but I find the nursing bras to be so comfortable, especially when I'm just in my "trainer" t-shirt!

adailydoseoffit said...

Definitely not a process unique to moms! But one that's often totally applicable to fitness...and beyond!

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