Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What I'm Loving Right Now

"Raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens..." Someone in our house is totally captivated by The Sound of Music these days. OK, two people. Back story: I needed a break from Dora, so I broke out a classic that never gets old. Hannah loved it...well, the songs at least. She's not quite ready for the entirety of the movie, but if I flip through the songs, she'll sit and watch them. And now she's asking for them, so quite frequently I bounce around the house singing "Do, a Deer" or "My Favorite Things." And because I happen to have the latter in my head right now, I thought I'd share with you "a few of my favorite things" in no particular order:

1) FILA Fitness Tops
There isn't a lot of shopping where I live, so when I need a quick fix, I typically hit Target and/or Kohl's depending on my needs. If I need a fitness top, I go to Kohl's because they've been killing it lately it with the FILA gear:

These tanks run long, they're fitted and they come without a shelf bra. And they wash really well, too. I'm not sure you'll find the stripes in-store anymore, but the other is still on the website if you wish to own it yourself. I found mine in the store a few weeks ago and have been wearing it constantly, proof of which has been on Instagram lately:

2) Artisan Nut Thins from Blue Diamond
As a member of the Naturally Savvy blogging program, I am often presented with opportunities to review certain products. Most recently, it was Artisan Nut Thins from Blue Diamond. I received three boxes free of charge in exchange for my opinion.

My opinion is this: They're good. Crunchy, salty...totally flavorful and not so bad for you either. Usually, I get some Wheat Thins when I need a good crunch, but these guys are going to give 'em a run for their money, that's for sure. I can't decide which is my favorite. I've been enjoying them all.

3) Benefit "Hello Flawless" Powder Cover-Up and Liquid Foundation

A month or two ago, my mom gave me some samples of what you see above. Ultimately, the color she gave me was not right for my skin, but the makeup was. I've always been a MAC girl and I still am, but I love this stuff from Benefit. It's light, goes on really well and covers up where I need it to.

Let me tell you: I hate when I can feel makeup on my face. HATE IT! I like a natural look, one that's easy to apply, which is why I love my MAC tinted moisturizer. And that's how I wear this foundation—like tinted moisturizer. I put it on with my fingers, whether or not that's right, and finish it up with a light dusting of the powder. I mean, when I wear makeup. I've got no problem walking out the door without it. But when I do wear it, It's nice to know that I won't necessarily FEEL like I'm wearing it.

4) High Intensity Interval Workouts
I am totally enjoying my Wednesday, 6:00AM class. It's listed as a High Intensity Interval class, and that's how I approach it every week—40 minutes of HIIT work, followed by core and/or hip work. Every week builds on the previous week, we hardly use any equipment and we sweat our butts off. Last week, I posted a HIIT workout with my favorite move: Plank-to-Frog Pushup.

5) Coconut Chobani and Tootie and Dreamer's Granola
I have a longstanding relationship with Chobani. Every month, they send me a case of yogurt to eat. This past month, they included a selection of their new flavors. I had already purchased a few on my own, but was excited to find Coconut in the case because that's one I couldn't find in my store.

I love coconut, but I don't love the texture of coconut. Gotta admit: Slightly bummed to find the texture present in this little cup of Cho, but that's where the granola came into play.

Once I mixed in a scoop, I couldn't even feel the coconut flakes. All I got was the coconut flavor. If you're wondering where this granola is from, I picked it up at the Farmer's Market this weekend and it's phenomenal. Definitely a new staple in my market bag.

And that's the list for today...just a few of my favorite things. Add to it snuggles from Hannah, jokes from the husband, more yogurt and even more granola and I'm one happy person.

Have a Tuesday, friends!

Question: What are you loving right now?

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