Sunday, August 11, 2013

#IndyWomensHalf Training Update, Week 6

Before I talk about this weekend's long run, I have these to give away:

Congrats, June. You'll be able to try the Lemongrass Salmon now!

Moving along.
Here's where I stand with my Indy Women's Half Marathon training plan:

Guys, I'm feeling really good about the race. It's still three weeks away, and I still have a 12-miler to knock out next weekend...but my long runs have been feeling really good, and I'm hoping this tradition continues to continue. At this point, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a sub 2-hour race. When I say "sub," I'm thinking it'll literally be by a minute or two, but still. I'll take it if I can make it happen. And I'll take this, too:

Seriously, I feel like all these races are secretly competing for "coolest medal status." I'm not sure which medal I'll love more, this one or my Chicago Women's Half medal. So dang cool, right? I think I'll love them equally, actually.

Can I tell you a story?

I literally got dive-bombed by a bird yesterday while I was running. Like, it swooped down after me. Twice. I run on some pretty open roads... it's not like I was trampling down it's nest in a forest of trees or anything. Seriously, WTF. I thought for sure it was going to peck my eyeballs out. I thought for sure I was going to have a heart attack, too. I had to walk for a minute or two to get my heart rate below max range. I'm not even joking. Has this ever happened to you? Twice this has happened to me. Yesterday, and then years ago when I was running through the apartment complex I lived in at the time. One dumb bird came at me from underneath a carport.

Do I have a target on my forehead?

I hate birds.
Alfred Hitchcock, you were on to something.

Question: What's your strangest encounter with wildlife while exercising?

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