Friday, December 16, 2011

And the winner is...

Congrats, girl! It's the cutest cookie spatula ever, and I can't wait for you to add it to your repertoire of kitchen accessories. I smile every time I look at it, and I know you will, too. To the rest of you, dear readers, in case you missed my comment in response to her question about palm sugar:

Palm sugar is very much like table sugar, meaning you can swap then for each other even-stevens. However, palm sugar is not from a sugar cane plant. Rather, it comes from the palm of a coconut tree. It is often much deeper in color than table sugar, too. Although you might find natural, organic table sugar with a darker complexion. Regarding the fact that mine was cinnamon-infused, don't despair if yours isn't. Simply add a touch of cinnamon to your recipe to make up for it. To taste, of course.

And that's all the cookie crumbles from me today. Quick and short on this cold, windy Friday. The festivities begin for me this weekend...Christmas festivities, I mean. I'm hosting a lunch tomorrow for my husband's side of the family. Which, as you can probably imagine, means that Baby is still quite content in mummy's belly. No signs of nuthin' right now. Just a kitchen full of food waiting to be prepped. Guess I better enjoy prepping this meal...soon I'll be doing so with a baby nearby. And from what I understand, that complicates everything.

I can't wait.


Jessica said...

Thanks Tara! Seeing that I won the spatula made my day. Can't wait to make cookies and try palm sugar.
I'm happy to hear that you're still feeling good. When is your actual due date?
Have a great day!

TARA said...

Hi Jessica! Were you able to find some palm sugar?! My actual due date is three weeks from now...January 6! Getting close. Gah!

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