Monday, October 10, 2011

Wide-Leg Squats with Elevated Heels

Hooo, dang! I kicked my butt in Circuit Sculpt today. Literally. We did wide-leg squats with our heels up off the ground, which seriously ups the burn factor. One of the other trainers did them in her Studio Pump class on Friday and couldn't stop talking about her shakey, tired legs—and I'm a huge sucker for anything that makes my legs shakey and tired. It's hard for me to make them sore. I blame it on all those years of cheerleading and gymnastics. I've been squatting and lunging almost daily since fourth grade.

So, wide-leg squats with elevated heels. Here's how:

1) Grab a free weight, something heavier. (I used a 15-pounder.)
2) Stand with your legs wide, toes pointed out according to comfort.
3) Let the weight hang between your legs. Rise up onto your toes.
4) Stay here—yes, on your toes—as you lower into that wide leg squat.
5) Straighten without letting the heels drop. Squat and repeat. (We did 15 repetitions.)

Not only will you feel it in your quads, glutes and calf muscles—but you'll feel your core engaging as well. You are, after all, on your toes which means your balance is being challenged.

The only thing missing was a squat hold. If you take my class and you're reading this—get ready for a set of 15 wide-leg squats with elevated heels...with a 5-second squat hold every five repetitions. I know, I'm so mean. Your legs will thank me someday.

We also did tick-tock lunges this morning, and those suckers always burn.

You know what else burns? My love for my husband....bahahaha! How cheesy is that? I couldn't resist, I really couldn't. It provided the segue I needed for this:

It's October 10, 2011. That means we've been married for two years! It's our anniversary! I couldn't be happier. Two years and a baby on the way...all is good in our world. It truly is. And if I could go back to that day and marry him again, I would.

And I'd make this soup:

Spinach, Pasta and Pea Soup from the October 2011 issue of Cooking Light. It's seriously SO GOOD. And easy to make. Perfect for lunches, if you ask me. The only thing missing from the above? The sprinkle of fresh Parm I placed on top of my serving. Best part? It contains a trace amount of lemon, which the hubs doesn't like in fresh form, so that means I get to eat it all throughout the week.

Speaking of "week." It's totally "clean the house" week, so I best be getting started started. It's a workout in and of itself. At least it is for me these days, Miss Third Trimester.

Question: What's your favorite leg exercise? I mean, what really gets them to burn?


Dorothy Mantooth said...

Your such a luck lady.

TARA said...

Thanks, Dorothy! I really am blessed.

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