Friday, October 21, 2011

On passing and failing.

When I was in college, I took a course called "American Popular Music" for no other reason than to rack up credits. It sounded interesting, and slightly reminiscent of a course I took in high school (and subsequently loved). Lemme tell ya, it sucked Tootsie Roll pops (which I hate). The content was cool, but I just couldn't connect with the professor nor could I anticipate the test questions. I literally bombed...completely failed...the first few tests, despite having made note cards to study with. So unlike me, Miss B-Average. So I dropped the course. I cut out of there like no other—it's not like the course had anything to do with my major, so why let it ruin my GPA?! That was my thinking, and I ended up taking a Journalism class over the summer to make up for it.

It seriously was the only time I can remember failing so miserably in school. I hated that I couldn't master the course. I'm not one to fail tests. But I did. And I'm dealing with those same feelings this week, albeit on a different (more emotional) scale.

I failed my glucose test. Gaaaaah! WTF?

I eat healthy. I work out. I'm in my seventh month of pregnancy and have only gained 18 pounds. Any other tests I've taken thus far have all come back with stellar results. So, seriously...WTF?? I'd be lying if I said I didn't shed a tear or two over it. I hate failing, and I hate being "unhealthy." And also—I hate that orange stuff, which I apparently get to drink again on Monday. Talk about the epic retaking of a test. I have to fast for twelve hours on Sunday night, after which I'll return to my doctor on Monday morning for a 3-hour extended glucose test.

Warning to my doctor: You're asking me not to eat for 12 hours straight, possibly even more. I cannot be responsible for my attitude. I do NOT do well on a very empty stomach! (Ask my husband.) And also, I got my Circuit Sculpt covered by another instructor, so you're forcing me to miss my morning workout because obviously I cannot hit the gym on that same empty stomach. Argh!


Here's to hoping Glucose Test #2 goes a lot better than Glucose Test #1. I hear other mothers have had this same problem, but ultimately walked away without a problem. Fingers crossed. (Cross your fingers for me.)

Here's the deal, though. Failure isn't a be-all, end-all. It's just another push to achieve whatever it is we've set out to achieve or accomplish. You can look back and ask yourself why and how the failure happened and ultimately learn from the experience while leading yourself on to another check point at which you'll hopefully have finally accomplished what you set out to accomplish. (Sorry, wordy...didja get that?) In the meantime, as you work toward that check point, you can focus on the positives in your life. So you failed to lose five pounds by X date. Perhaps you finally get why those five pounds aren't coming off, or perhaps you made some advances in your efforts at the gym. Now's your chance to really lose those five pounds, now that you're beginning to connect the dots a bit more.

So I failed my glucose test. I get another chance. (Did you cross your fingers for me yet?) And while I wait for that chance, I'll focus on the fact that I'm still feeling really good. That there's a munchkin within who will soon (76 days!) be able to take advantage of all the gifts it's been getting. Take a look at some of the cuteness:

I know, it's just a car seat and stroller, but having it in the corner where a plush gray chair will soon be just makes everything seem so completely real.

Holy small infant diaper, Batman! I'm not sure what boggles me more: The fact that I was small enough to wear one of these at one point, or the fact that I will soon be responsible for something small enough to wear one of these.

Or one of these. Yep, Baby already has an Irish hat. Jason wants to let the kid pick his/her own team. I'd rather brainwash it to love Notre Dame. Which is why it will love it's new teddy bear:

But, whatever. If it ends up hating Notre Dame, I'll still love it. Unless it likes M...nevermind. Let's look in Baby's closet:

Is that not the cutest bathrobe ever?! I'm obsessed! Can't wait to start adding the pink or the blue. Can't wait to get this glucose test over with, either. But for now, I bid you a good weekend. I'm heading down to South Bend for some tailgating. What are you doing?

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