Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Short Week (and a back exercise)

I've been walking around this day thinking that it's Monday. That's what happens to me when weekends flip into a three-day affair. I don't think I'm alone. Just to remind everyone...well, to remind myself...it's Tuesday. For a few more hours, at least.

Good weekends had by all? Mine was fun, albeit a bit packed full of excitement. Love when that happens, except when Sunday night hits and it's time to gather the good for the next day's affairs. Oh, see...there I go again. In this case, it was Monday night that hit me like a log falling out of a tree. And here I sit. Sipping a decaf Caffe Wein (coffee/chocolate/milk...decaf/non-fat) at one of my favorite coffee spots in town.

I'm inside. I wish I was at a table outside.

Dare I say it feels like Fall? I don't want Summer to end, but I'm loving the chill in the air. Still in shorts and sandals today, but rocking the scarf look. I feel cozy. I'll take this weather with a smile, but I'll hate it when the sun finally disappears for good. I am, however, a bit sad about it. This is my favorite time of year to get outside and run. So many great fall races take place in my neck of the woods, and my running game just isn't what it used to be. For obvious reasons, of course. Bump update:

(Can you spot the rabbit in the background?)

I am still running, though. Albeit at a slower pace. A much slower pace, actually. 20 minutes of brisk walking, followed by 25 minutes of run/walking around the track. One lap on, one lap off the running. That's my cardio these days and I'm stickin' to it. For as long as I can, at least. Don't worry. I'm watching the heart rate so as not to overdo it. I top out at 140, which is barely a jog. I think it puts Baby to sleep, it never moves when I'm running. But it's moving like crazy these days! Especially at night. The bugger has take to waking me up on occasion. Prep work, I assume, for those long nights of endless cuddling to sleep and feeding and dirty diapering.

Let's talk about fitness.

I've been really into my exercise bands lately.  You might recall the Bow and Arrow move I talked about a few days ago. Here's another, which also works the back:

You can find the original image on the Oxygen website, along with how-to instructions. But really, I think you can figure it out, said Tara with a smile.

Can't wait to try it out on my Circuit Sculpters this Friday. Give it a go for yourself and let me know what you think. And if you have any new or unusual band exercises you think I should know about, do leave a comment or shoot me an email at daily dose (dot) notes (at) gmail (dot) com.

Question: Is your workout changing now that things are slowly starting to change outside?


Erin said...

Tara, wow!! You are so gorgeous! I am really excited for you and proud of your continued cardio workouts. You rock chica!

Rebecca said...

You are such a cute pregnant Putz.

TARA said...

Thanks, Erin! The cardio workouts aren't as easy as they used to be...but I'm hanging in there!

TARA said...

...Pregnant Putz, that's funny. Miss you, Putz! Thanks for checkin' in on my blog!

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