Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How to Make the Most of Each Repetition

Once you commence your workout, life becomes a series of "1...2...3...4..." and more. Onward and upward you go, completing your desired number of repetitions with gusto until you've completed your workout. But it's not enough to just complete those repetitions. If you simply move through the motions, you miss out on oh so much. Correction: Your muscles miss out on oh so much.

And what's a workout if it's null and void in the end? It's nothing, and that's something I have been pondering a lot lately as I navigate the constraints of my pregnant body in the gym.

I can't lift as much, but I can still do the workouts—how can the two come together so as not to decrease the benefits? How can a workout be successful each and every time? Again, it's all about your approach to the repetitions. Even if you aren't pregnant. No doubt, you've heard me say some of the following before. As a result, long-winded I shan't be.

How to Make the Most of Each Repetition
1) Slow down. Don't let momentum steal your glory.
2) Breathe. Inhale, then exhale.
3) Concentrate on the muscle group you are working. Not your to-do list.
4) Seek out the contraction. Make it happen. Work it, girl (guy).
5) Check your form. Do every repetition right, even if you have to scale back the weight.
6) Pick the right weight. Forget about the number.
7) Pick the right exercise—one that won't hurt you.
8) Stretch. Consider it your bonus repetition.

Question: Are you good at focusing at the gym, or are you guilty of going through the motions? How do you make sure you get the most out of your workouts?

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Tami said...

Paige is in weight training in school and, despite being on the ice 3 hours a day this summer, she is feeling ALL sorts of new muscles. Skating started up again today so wondering what 10 days of weights will do to help in skating----she is LOVING the training even though she is sore at times.

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