Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Bunch of Apples (and one pear)

The seasons are definitely changing up here in Michigan. The sun still shines, but the leaves are beginning to fall. Much like the temperatures. And the apples. Today, they fell right off the tree and into my basket. Apple picking has become one of my most favorite Fall rituals. I go to Jollay Orchards in Coloma, Michigan every year—and every year it gets more and more entertaining. From the tractor rides out to the trees, to the tasty baked goods in the barn...perfection. Just like the apples themselves. This year, I even picked a pear. But I did not pick it alone, as I was lucky enough to get the company of both Mom and Sister, and two of my cousins. A visual display of our day:

And so now, I have a produce drawer full of fresh, crisp apples (and one pear) ready and waiting for my next (super healthy, good carb) snack attack. Pass the peanut butter, please. (I wonder if it would be good on the pear, too...)

Question: How do you like them apples? With peanut butter? In a pie?


Lauren said...

Apple picking is so fun! I did it once when I lived in Boston. I love my apples with peanut butter too :) Pears are great with Laughing Cow cheese wedges (haven't tried 'em with PB, though - but what doesn't taste good with PB?!).

TARA said...

Gosh, I always forget about Laughing Cow cheese! Thanks for remind me, Lauren. It might be the perfect addition to my lonely little pear.

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