Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The SELF Magazine Machine Move

Back in May, I attended SELF Magazine's Workout in the Park event in Chicago and consequently walked away with a subscription to the magazine itself. Some scoff at this particular glossy, but I like it. It's fun, light...not intimidating in any way. Fitness, with a little bit of fashion and flair. Yes, it might be lighter on the fitness than other magazines (you know which one I'm talking about), but that's not to say it doesn't produce quality advice and downright doable exercises. For example, the issue on newsstands right now offers up a "lower-body blitz" in the form of six double-sided tear away cards, each with an exercise or two you can try at home.

I happen to be in love with one of them, and if you take any of my classes or train with me, you'll be seeing this one in your workouts quite soon. Get ready:

If you try this at home, remember you can  use hand weights or a weighted bar. For seven more at-home butt burners from Self Magazine, just click here.

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