Thursday, August 4, 2011

Side Plank with Single-Leg Adductions

"Did you have a bad night? Are you taking it out on us?" That would be a direct quote from one of my bootcampers today. It was said, of course, with a chuckle. I responded "no" on both counts. With a chuckle. I will admit—today's class was challenging. Perhaps because it was the last class of the week, or perhaps because I whipped out some new exercises. I figure, who doesn't like a new challenge on occasion? They did great, my bootcampers. And I cut 'em some slack toward the end of the class. (I only made them run two of six laps around the gym. See...I can be nice.)

One of the new exercises: A side plank with single-led adductions. They might all agree that it was challenging. Grab a step with at least two risers, or set yourself up near an actual step (or another stable platform) that's at least one foot off the ground. Position your body perpendicular to the step, quite close to the very end of it so that your toes point away from the step (you'll need room in front of you to lift and lower). Place your top foot on the step, balancing your upper body on your elbow while keeping your hips in line with your shoulders. As you hold the plank, lift and lower your LOWER leg, ending just a smidge above your upper leg, contracting your left inner thigh the entire way through. Start with twelve repetitions, then increase to fifteen. Continue holding the side plank for ten to fifteen seconds if your obliques can take it. Of course, you can also do this one off the step if you feel that's too difficult at this time.

And now, for pictures:

Wait, no. Sorry. Not of the exercise above (if only I had my own photo studio, or a personal photographer). Of the salad I made to go with dinner. Take it as a friendly reminder that now is most certainly salad season. Fruits and veggies come aplenty, folks! And there's seriously nothing better than a hefty does of Nature's candy. Love it:

Question: What did you think of the exercise above? Have you been taking advantage of your local farmer's market? Do you go regularly? Have a favorite booth? I wanna know!

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Kristy said...

We so love a challenge so bring it on Tara. We are ready for anything.

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