Thursday, August 11, 2011

Good Lunch, Great Fitness Clothes

This was my lunch. And it was really, really good. Someone at work gave me a bunch of fresh veggies, and I happened to have some sitting in my produce drawer. So before they went bad, I chopped 'em up and sauteed them in a pan. With some garlic and olive oil, plus freshly ground black pepper. To be specific about the veggies used: Three different peppers, zucchini and a shallot. Also some black beans and shaved Parmesan. It was so good. Seriously, so super good.

And then I went to Old Navy. I'm in need of new workout pants. Only one of my current pairs actually fits me properly, given the bulging bump. Baby is growing! And I am quickly growing out of things. And since I've always had good luck finding great fitness clothes at Old Navy, that's where I went. Here's what I took into the dressing room:

And here's a visual reminder of why I took it into the dressing room with me:

Growin', right?

I ended up picking the pair you see in the middle above. The waistband was stretchy. I may have had to go up a size or two already, so I figured the stretchy waistband would give me even more room to go.

Oh, and I bought this, too:

My favorite water bottle, made specifically for kids. Granted, my kid won't be able to use it for a few years, but still—I couldn't pass it up. It's just too dang cute.

Question: Where do you buy your fitness clothes?

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