Thursday, June 9, 2011

Naturally Savvy Gift Bags

It feels like Christmas right now. No, not because the temperatures dropped so fiercely from yesterday's 94-degree feels like Christmas because Mr. Mailman delivered me a hefty (and totally cool) package. (I love it when I get home and there's a box at my door.)

Hello, Naturally Savvy gift bag! I love you so much because from tip-top to bottom, you are filled with natural goodness in the form of products I have never heard of (well, except for a few).

Literally, there are 15 pounds of natural and organic goodness within. This thing is hefty!

As you may recall, the kind people at Naturally Savvy requested permission to feed my blog posts to their site. I absolutely love their site, so I said "yes" in a heartbeat. When they agreed to send me one of their gift bags to review, I think I may have jumped up and down in my desk chair. So today, when it actually got here, I said "holy sh*t" when I opened the box. I had no idea how cool it would be! Sweet swag, that's for sure.

I will be reviewing the products within off and on over the course of the next few weeks, but for now, I'll satisfy your curiosity with this:

Barbara's Snackimals Animal Cookies in Double Chocolate. Dontcha know I'd go for the chocolate! It wasn't a disappointing choice, not at all. These things are good, made even more so by the lack of artificial flavors, additives and preservatives found in other chocolate animal crackers. I love that I recognize all of the ingredients within. And with only nine grams of sugar per serving, you can be sure this snack is better for you than your average chocolate bar.

Random thought: I bet these little dudes taste uh-mazing when dipped into some almond butter.

I drool just thinking about it.

Where to find them? I'm fairly certain almost every grocery store out there stocks Barbara's products, but you can use their Store Locator to scope out your area. And if you browse around their website, you might even find a coupon.

Speaking of browsing websites, head on over to Naturally Savvy and enter your name into their monthly drawing for—you guessed it—a Naturally Savvy Gift Bag!

Question: What is your favorite natural and/or organic product? It doesn't have to be food!

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