Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chicken. From a can.

This is what my life has come to. Chaos. Almost unlivable chaos. Our life is packed away in boxes taped so well that I fear even I won't be able to get into them when it comes time to unpack. We have packed away all but the essentials, and even some essentials we're realizing that we do need. For example, our kitchen gear. Except for plastic plates and cups, our silverware and a cutting board—our kitchen cupboards are empty, which means we live in terms of convenience. Simple, only-what-you-need convenience. Which is a challenge when it comes to cooking healthy, that's for sure. Goodbye warm dishes, we can't reheat you as our glass bowls are covered in newspaper and taped away until next week. Goodbye recipe book, I don't even have time to plan from you.

I feel like I'm camping in my own home. Because when you camp, you take the essentials with you. And I can only use my essentials right now.

It's sorta fun, but not really.

If I'm going to camp, I'd rather be living the experience outside. In the wilderness, surrounded by animal sounds and yes, even mosquitoes. And I want to be sitting by a fire singing silly songs and roasting marshmallows for S'mores. Not stepping over crap I forgot I owned, or sitting on a chair next to a wall of boxes so big I can't even see the television. No, this is not the camping I like.

But I'm doing my best to enjoy it because on Friday...glorious Friday, I will have the keys to my (sorry...our) very first home. And it will be awesome.

I already have a long list going for Target. I can't even tell you how excited I am about that.

But let's get back to what I'd really like to talk to you about: Chicken. From a can.

Yes, I went there.

It wasn't that bad, although it did smell a bit like cat food at first.

We went grocery shopping a few days ago and decided that one of our meals across the next few days would be a salad with some chicken breast on top. But then we realized that our kitchen was a disaster zone and, if I'm being completely honest with you, we really didn't feel like cooking anything too complicated. And at the time, fresh chicken breast seemed complicated—and, if I'm being completely honest with you again, we were both totally intrigued by the canned chicken. Take a look:

It seemed innocent enough, and a quick check of the ingredients taught me that it only contained white meat, water and salt. Nutrition info:

Not bad. And I wiped out some of the sodium when I rinsed it...well, hopefully. I do this with veggies as I've heard it works. So I figured it would work in this case, too.

The resulting salad wasn't so bad. ('Course, I much prefer FRESH chicken breast.)

Why is balsamic vinegar and olive oil so good? Man. I love it.

And so, let's conclude with your Daily Dose of Fit: When you're in a pinch, regardless of the reason, there is almost always a way to keep yourself on the right path to good health. You just have to get creative. And that's what makes living the fit life so much fun! It's a constant journey during which you can always learn new and exciting things. And I'm not just talking about new and exciting things in the kitchen. You have to be open to trying these new things, though. This is when you really expose yourself to exciting adventures, culinary or otherwise.

Interesting? I think so.
Boring? Hardly.

Unless you're talking about packing, which I now have to resume...

Question: What compromises have you had to make as of late, if any?

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